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Monday, May 30, 2011

The World according to Carp. Fines in Canada to Fertiliser in Oz

Donna La Framboise has the story of a farmer in Canada who cannot pump floodwater from his fields because he may kill some carp.

Here in Canada environmental bureaucrats are kicking a beleaguered corn farmer when he’s down. It isn’t bad enough Martin Reid is experiencing a nightmare Spring. His fields are currently under a meter (3 feet) of water due to flooding – which means his growing season has already been severely compromised.Among those flood waters is a species of fish. Apparently, when he experienced similar flooding back in 1993, Reid used pumps to dissipate the water, but fish were killed in the process. As a result he was fined $1,000 for – get this – illegal fishing. He was also advised that a second offense could involve a $100,000 fine.Rather than launching a fish rescue mission themselves, the bureaucrats at Fisheries and Oceans Canada have chosen to sit in their armchairs and make life difficult for this man who’s fighting for his economic survival.
Reid has been obliged to purchase a fishing license and, according to a news story:He’s under strict orders to safeguard the lives of the carp once he begins to expel them.“We have to collect all of them, and we have to fish both sexes, that’s what (the permit) says,” Reid explained.“I have to transport them so as not to damage them, by containers with water inside. If some of them die, I have to bury them.”When contacted by a journalist, provincial authorities supported their federal bureaucratic counterparts:“The idea is to help farmers,” said Jean-Philippe Detolle. “The licence was issued to reassure them they won’t be fined.”This is how you know you’ve woken up in a Kafka novel.
Here in Australia   the carp is such a destructive pest the rivers are being netted to remove them and turn  them into fertiliser! Hardly an endangered species!
A New South Wales business that turns European carp into fertiliser has won a prestigious Banksia Environmental Award.
The Pest Animal Co-operative Research Centre has found the carp cause almost $16 million damage to our rivers each year.
Charlie Carp Fertilisers expects to remove about 250 tonnes of the pest fish from the Murray Darling Basin this year.
Managing director Harold Clapham says there's plenty of scope for the business to expand.
"We started developing a fertiliser that we sold in retail packs.
"In the last 18 months we've gone down the track of getting our organic certification.
"The plan is to significantly expand the commercial operations.
"This year we would have sold at least two container loads of product overseas, and hopefully we can develop that as well."

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