"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patronising Julia likens Carbon Tax to "Eat Your Vegetables"

The vegetables Julia refers to are likely to be served with the Gillard Goose says Dennis Shanahan of the Australian. One offended voter said that Gillard was not his mother and suggested in a non-filial manner exactly what she could do with her vegetables .

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Free Windpower" Idiocy Exposed - 10 Billion needed for UK Power Backup!

The chickens are coming home to roost. Wind power is not dispatchable and for every MW of installed wind capacity an  equal amount of back-up power is required but this is never factored into the false "power x thousand homes" claim by greedy wind developers. Now energy companies in the UK have sounded the alarm that unless these new "real" power stations are built (and paid for by the long-suffering consumer) the lights will go out!

Abbott Leads Gillard as Preferred PM

Although Tony Abbott's party is streets ahead of Labor in two-party preferred polling he has not engaged well with the public and has consistently lagged Gillard as preferred PM until now. The latest Newspoll shows Abbott leading on 41% to 39% for Gillard whose popularity has plummeted since the Carbon Tax proposal was mooted.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Warmies wilt with their fuzzy logic

Tim Blair takes a very skeptical look at the Warmist position following adverse public reaction to the carbon tax and the whole global warming scam. ANU Arts graduate Garnaut and "I can read English" Chubb are singled out in particular by Tim.

Lethal Blow for Carbon Tax!

The Gillard fiction that the rest of the world is taxing emissions is highlighted by US Senator Jim Sensenbrenner who says there is no prospect of carbon pricing in the US and various state schemes   are collapsing.
Australia is in grave danger of needlessly damaging our economy adopting carbon pricing when our largest trading partners have not. China has signaled  it's attitude clearly by holding up a huge passenger jet contract because the EU wants them to pay a carbon tax on flights from China.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Chief Scientist can read English!

Labor claims they are close to Carbon Tax agreement while the new Chief Scientist makes the incredible claim he is a Warmist because he can read English!
THE Gillard government and the Greens were ''close'' to a climate policy deal last night as the new chief scientist, Ian Chubb, said he knew the ''science was in'' on human-induced climate change because he could ''read English''.

In his first major speech as chief scientist, Professor Chubb said the climate debate in Australia ''borders on the appalling''.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Half Billion Down the Gillard Gurgler!

Areva and BP win $819m in Australia Solar Flagships funding

 The picture says it all with the Premier of Queensland and the Prime Minister of Australia proudly announcing that the taxpayers of Australia are wasting   a half-billion dollars in experimental solar power stations which have no practical economic value. However they did not announce the site or cost of the back-up generator required. They did not announce the rate consumers will pay for the "free" green energy produced. They definitely did not announce the result of the exhaustive cost benefit analysis which is mandatory for any large project . The solar power stations will not produce one Kilowatt of dispatchable energy and would never be built without huge government assistance because they make no economic sense. Following on from the billions wasted on the Pink Batts disaster , Cash-for-Clunkers fiasco and others,this is another massive Julia Gillard boondoggle with the public purse.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mark Lynas on the Road to Damascus

My first encounter with Mark Lynas came with reading his book " Six Degrees" at the insistence of some good friends who were very worried about what they were hearing and reading about the coming Global Warming apocalypse. Knowing nothing about Global Warming but having spent a lifetime in engineering measurement I quickly realised  that the graphs and measurement data did not support the wild claims being made and after some investigation a global warming skeptic was born!
Lynas seems now to be questioning rather than accepting the "consensus" and that is what a writer and journalist should be doing but it is a slippery slope as every rock you turn over can have another nasty surprise. He has stated he is still committed to the AGW cause but if he keeps asking questions it will be interesting to see what happens.
Lynas has committed the unforgiveable AGW  crime of questioning whether the lead author of an IPCC report should be from Greenpeace - obviously not unbiased.
The IPCC must urgently review its policies for hiring lead authors – and I would have thought that not only should biased ‘grey literature’ be rejected, but campaigners from NGOs should not be allowed to join the lead author group and thereby review their own work. There is even a commercial conflict of interest here given that the renewables industry stands to be the main beneficiary of any change in government policies based on the IPCC report’s conclusions. Had it been an oil industry intervention which led the IPCC to a particular conclusion, Greenpeace et al would have course have been screaming blue murder.Coming from a well-known supporter of the AGW cause this has caused an uproar which is ongoing .

The comments on Lynas's blog are interesting and now he is copping stick from the garrulous one-dimensional arch-warmist Joe Romm together with support from leading skeptics. Mark is being supplied with a copy of the Hockey Stick Illusion which he said he will read . Watch this space.
H/T Bishop Hill

Labor's Euro vision a disaster for Australia!

In probably the single best article on the ramifications of the proposed carbon tax Greg Sheridan explains the dangers of following Europe , with the subsequent loss of democracy and increasing power of the non-elected central bureaucracy . Europe is an economic disaster zone and we should not allow the EU disease to infect our country!
Every Ozzie should oppose going down this slippery path vehemently before these incompetents "treaty" away our freedom and the right to make our own national decisions. We do not need foreign bureacrats to regulate us down to the level of how we handle our garbage during an industrial dispute!

Friday, June 17, 2011

They are sending these Turkeys out Again after This BS Report!

I have never seen such an impressive report about absolutely nothing. Two hundred of the Climate Scam's finest brains trying to write a report on how marine life is coping or not coping it seems with at huge temperature change of .06 of one degree Celsius over 25 YEARS . Following such a successful trip and brilliant research showing the devastation immeasurable changes in temperature has wrought on   wee marine beasties these mighty intellects have been rewarded with another ocean cruise paid for by the EU which obviously has plenty of money to spend on this nonsense even when a large number of their members are technically insolvent.
'This temperature rise seems small,' says Dr Fahrbach, 'but because it extends down to great depths, it entails a considerable heat volume that is stored in the ocean. This contributes to the fact that the atmosphere heats up less than expected as a result of the increase in the greenhouse effect. According to the World Climate Report (IPCC), more than 80% of the heat that Earth has additionally absorbed thus far due to the altered greenhouse effect is stored in the upper ocean layers down to a depth of 1 500 metres. Now we have been able to show that the deep ocean with its enormousD volume is also involved in this process.'

The temperature rise seems small because it is negligible, you bloody idiots, and even at depth it is still bloody small and yes, the ocean does have an enormous volume although groups without 200 PhD's may not be able to work that out. 
Report Translation : We didn't find anything but if there was something there it must have been caused by global warming !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taxpayers to Pay for Carbon Tax Propaganda!

A desperate Gillard government is about to spend $12 million of taxpayers money to convince the electorate to support a  non-existent carbon tax the majority do not want according to the latest polls. The details of the tax have not yet been released to enable voters to judge how devastating it will be to Australian homes and business.Julia Gillard is in trouble and voters are now reacting negatively to everything from her and not listening. Far from convincing the public about this dopey tax  I am sure the talking point will now be the waste of millions of dollars in advertising.

TAXPAYERS are set to foot the bill for a $12 million carbon tax advertising campaign in an announcement that has angered independent MPs, who will have the deciding votes on the controversial reform.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet today revealed initial plans for the campaign, which must still be signed off by the multi-party climate change committee and meet government advertising guidelines.
He said the “modest” campaign was appropriate to inform the public on a matter of government policy.
“The government considers that it is extremely important that the government has access to appropriate information about the policies and plans for carbon pricing,” Mr Combet said.
He refused to rule out an expansion of the advertising budget in the future.
Multi-party climate committee members Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor condemned the announcement as “incredibly unhelpful”.

Evil Denier Monsters

  The level of the climate debate has sunk to the lowest possible level throughout the world and in Australia. This is highlighted by the use of the pejorative term "deniers" and other name calling applied to those  whose opinions  differ from the Warmist view of the world. Skeptics are caricaturised in a manner which would not be out of place in Nazi Germany- just change the title and you are there!
The Australian has a story on the demonisation of skeptics:

WHEN you've run out of positive things to say in advertising, the easiest trick is to make up a monster. The uglier and more repulsive the better.
Think of toilet cleaning ads. Take those imaginary, microscopic, horrible, slimy things that make guttural noises and squirm disgustingly as they salivate over your ceramic bowl.
Animation and special effects studios have a lot of fun designing and creating these grotesque visual metaphors with which to terrify the consumer, to the delight of advertising executives and their clients alike. Ugly monsters allow you to avoid having to spell out your own positive selling points, if indeed you have any.
It would appear the advocates of the carbon tax have cottoned on to this trick. Through a relentless and combined effort they have created their very own grotesque creature to terrify us. The hideous "climate change denier" is as ugly and repulsive as any toilet germ gremlin.
The climate change denier has become the Left's favourite bogeyman, pursued with all the zeal of a witch hunt in 17th century Salem. Stupid, vain, ugly and mendacious, the climate change denier monster is anyone who questions any or all aspects of the anthropogenic global warming theory and rejects the urgent requirement of a carbon tax/ETS. This repugnant creature lurks in your neighbourhood and threatens life on earth as we know it.
"The agents of . . . planetary death will be the climate change deniers," asserted The Sydney Morning Herald columnist and ABC presenter Richard Glover recently. What, even more so than say, viral mutations, nuclear war, poverty, over-population, peak oil or even the odd asteroid?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Government Stupidity in Scotland!

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond opens new wind farms while it is being reported that wind generators are being paid not to supply energy the grid does not need ( a major problem with wind power). All these ridiculously expensive wind generators will not replace one conventional power station because they do not supply power when is is really needed.

Dump Solar Incentives says NSW Premier.

Barry O'Farrell has  told the Federal government to dump costly solar incentives which are driving up power bills.

Voters desert Julia Gillard over carbon tax!

Julia Gillard is failing miserably in convincing the Australian voters that a tax on everything that will not make a measurable difference to global temperatures , is a good thing for the country. The latest Newspoll has the Coalition with a 10 point lead over Labor which would translate to a rout if an election were held now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Angelina and Louis Vuitton Combine to Fight Global Warming!

Angelina's photo shoot for Louis Vuitton is to help the 'Core Values" anti Warming campaign. Of course doubling of fuel and electricity prices would be a minor inconvenience for Angie and other Vuitton customers but poor people will starve and freeze in the new ideologically pure Warmist world .

Angelina Jolie, 36, is looking absolutely stunning as she endorses Louis Vitton's 'Core Values' Campaign. The mother of four, posed on a wooden boat in Cambodia's Siem Reap terrain while wearing her own clothes along with her own printed Alto carryall bag. 
The 'Core Values' campaign was formed by the fashion house to help fight global warming.  The theme of the campaign is travel through personal journeys.   Angelina Jolie's life has been changed dramatically after traveling to the third world country Cambodia in 2000 while filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; hence why Jolie is perfect for the campaign's cause.
Of course we should check Angie's credentials and carbon footprint as she is advising us how to live with carbon frugality. This is the house  she purchased  in France with a reputed price tag of $70 million dollars.
angelina jolie and brad pitt french home Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Bought a Home in France

Carbon Tax to Cost 4000 Jobs in Coal Industry

With the Gillard Government hell-bent on introducing a carbon tax which will make no measurable difference to Global Warming economic modelling has shown how disastrous the tax will be to the industry.

EXPLOSIVE economic modelling warns that the carbon tax could force eight black coalmines to close, costing nearly 3000 jobs in regional NSW and more than 1100 jobs in Queensland in its first three years.
Independent modelling commissioned by the Australian Coal Association warns that the number of early mine closures could reach 18 within nine years and result in Australia forgoing coal sales of $22 billion from existing mines over the next decade.
With the proposed Mining  and  Carbon Taxes  Gillard seems determined to kill the goose laying the golden eggs attacking the very industries which shielded Australia from the GFC and are currently driving our prosperity. Migration of industry to China will be accelerated by the increase of costs associated with this ideological tax.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Go Green Go Broke!

I was disturbed to read recently about Superannuation funds investing heavily in "green industry" realising that the administrators of these funds could blow the pensions of thousands on foolhardy schemes.
The green bubble bursting will be more traumatic than the dot.com debacle and we seem to be travelling down that same path and buying on emotion, not facts . At the end of the day responsible investment controllers should be investing to make a profit and not in industries that rely on Government subsidies to exist! Peter Smith in Quadrant has more in his  article "Go Green Go Broke" on the so-called plethora of green jobs we are going to have noting that manufacturing migrates to where the costs are least and  today this means Asia!

When I was a child ships were still being built on Merseyside in England. Then it all disappeared and went to Japan. Robert Scott estimates that 2.4 million US jobs were lost to China between 2001 and 2008 (Economic Policy Institute, March 2010). What does all this mean? One thing it means is that that the production of any particular product tends to be concentrated; not evenly spread throughout the world. Way back in 1817, English economist, David Ricardo explained it by showing that products tend to be made where they can be made comparatively cheaply. For example, it turned out that ships could be built faster and more cheaply in Japan than on Merseyside. This represents a powerful economic force that in the end result simply can’t be resisted; except, apparently, when it comes to green jobs.
One difficulty in discussing green jobs is in knowing exactly what they are. Do I have a green job if I move as a maintenance engineer from a coal power station to a gas power station? I know that I have a green job if I work for a windmill power station but presumably not if I work for a nuclear power station, even though it produces no carbon dioxide emissions. Now a gas power station saves more emissions, when compared with coal, than an array of windmills because it produces so much more energy. So maybe gas is greener than windmills? Perhaps it depends on where I worked last. I have a green job if I move from brown to black coal but not a green job if I move from gas to black coal. I assume if I help produce solar panels and windmill parts or electric cars that I have a green job, but is this still the case if I use energy from brown coal to produce them?


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Freedom is not an Option in the Fourth Reich.

Germany's Scientific Advisory Council on Climate Change has presented a report spelling out Warmist plans which involve World Government control of the  citizenry. Lawrence Solomon has the story:
 The great transformation will require that “The world citizenry agree to … surrender spontaneous and persistent desires” – i.e., citizens will need to accept that their lifestyles are unsustainable and collectively accept the need for government to make decisions on their behalf, without the public having a veto over government decisions that could “impede the transition to a sustainable society.”
Be in no doubt that this Leninist world is where these buggers are taking us! The Germans are the first to be open about it!  This lot may well succeed where Hitler failed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Headlines - Taxing Carbon while Queensland Shivers

Headlines like Far North Queensland shivers through May and An Early Winter for Queensland are sucking the oxygen from the Carbon Tax campaign and we are obviously heading into a very cold winter (relatively speaking of course).
The average Aussie is no dill and will see the very obvious contradictions between Gillard  and Garnaut's propaganda and the real world outside.