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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lethal Blow for Carbon Tax!

The Gillard fiction that the rest of the world is taxing emissions is highlighted by US Senator Jim Sensenbrenner who says there is no prospect of carbon pricing in the US and various state schemes   are collapsing.
Australia is in grave danger of needlessly damaging our economy adopting carbon pricing when our largest trading partners have not. China has signaled  it's attitude clearly by holding up a huge passenger jet contract because the EU wants them to pay a carbon tax on flights from China.

JIM Sensenbrenner, the most senior Republican in the US House of Representatives, is a long-term friend of Australia but he has just delivered the most lethal external blow yet to the Gillard government's plans to introduce a carbon tax.
The Gillard government has gone to vast and expensive lengths to convince the people of what is essentially a fiction: that the rest of the world is taking action on greenhouse gas emissions commensurate with that which Australia would take if it introduced the biggest carbon tax in the world.
As all the legal international frameworks for carbon pricing agreements have collapsed, the Gillard government has had to resort to taking the vague aspirational ambitions of nations as if they were concrete, settled policy.
Sensenbrenner has held a series of key congressional committee chairmanships and has been a central figure in the politics of climate change.
He believes that any attempt to price carbon in the US is now dead.
The state-based initiatives for carbon pricing in the US are either collapsing or cover only a small section of the economy, with little impact.
Sensenbrenner believes there is no prospect of carbon pricing coming back in the US.
This begs the question: if all the big resource-producing countries that compete with Australia are not going down a carbon tax route, and if the US and Canada are not going down a carbon price route, how can it be that a carbon price would not put all Australian industry at a significant competitive disadvantage?


  1. Do your readers realise that the Gillard/Brown government have pledged 10% of all monies raised with their new tax - to the United Nations 'Green Fund'?

    The more they tax us the more money the UN will make...... and this is an unelected un democratic body, selling us a scam to make money....


  2. Australian attitudes towards AGW summarized in two opinion graphs:


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