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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mark Lynas on the Road to Damascus

My first encounter with Mark Lynas came with reading his book " Six Degrees" at the insistence of some good friends who were very worried about what they were hearing and reading about the coming Global Warming apocalypse. Knowing nothing about Global Warming but having spent a lifetime in engineering measurement I quickly realised  that the graphs and measurement data did not support the wild claims being made and after some investigation a global warming skeptic was born!
Lynas seems now to be questioning rather than accepting the "consensus" and that is what a writer and journalist should be doing but it is a slippery slope as every rock you turn over can have another nasty surprise. He has stated he is still committed to the AGW cause but if he keeps asking questions it will be interesting to see what happens.
Lynas has committed the unforgiveable AGW  crime of questioning whether the lead author of an IPCC report should be from Greenpeace - obviously not unbiased.
The IPCC must urgently review its policies for hiring lead authors – and I would have thought that not only should biased ‘grey literature’ be rejected, but campaigners from NGOs should not be allowed to join the lead author group and thereby review their own work. There is even a commercial conflict of interest here given that the renewables industry stands to be the main beneficiary of any change in government policies based on the IPCC report’s conclusions. Had it been an oil industry intervention which led the IPCC to a particular conclusion, Greenpeace et al would have course have been screaming blue murder.Coming from a well-known supporter of the AGW cause this has caused an uproar which is ongoing .

The comments on Lynas's blog are interesting and now he is copping stick from the garrulous one-dimensional arch-warmist Joe Romm together with support from leading skeptics. Mark is being supplied with a copy of the Hockey Stick Illusion which he said he will read . Watch this space.
H/T Bishop Hill

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