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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Government Stupidity in Scotland!

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond opens new wind farms while it is being reported that wind generators are being paid not to supply energy the grid does not need ( a major problem with wind power). All these ridiculously expensive wind generators will not replace one conventional power station because they do not supply power when is is really needed.

First Minister Alex Salmond has reaffirmed the Scottish Government's commitment to renewable energy — despite wind farm operators being paid millions last month to switch off their turbines.

Research from the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) claims four energy companies shared the payments after being asked to switch off their turbines 16 times throughout May because the National Grid could not cope with the electrical energy they were producing.
Each time a turbine has to be shut down, its owner receives compensation called a "constraint payment." The single most expensive day in terms of payouts to turbine operators was May 24, when seven wind farms were shut down for a total of 69 hours. £613,000 was paid out in compensation.
It is understood turbines were switched off again on June 1 and 2, but the cost of those has not been calculated. However, a spokeswoman for the REF said over £4 million has been paid to switch off turbines this year.
She added, "It is usual for National Grid to ask generators to reduce output but the fossil-fuelled generators pay National Grid when constrained rather than get paid. This is because they save on the fuel costs they would otherwise incur."
Despite these difficulties, Mr Salmond said Scotland remains on course to generate all electricity from renewable sources by 2020. He was speaking at the official opening of two new wind farms in South Ayrshire.
Ignacio Galan, chairman of ScottishPower Renewables' parent company Iberdrola, also attended the opening of the 28-turbine Mark Hill and 60-turbine Arecleoch sites, near Barrhill.
Together they could provide enough energy for 100,000 homes. ( Incorrect :It is actually zero homes as the wind energy is intermittent unreliable and non-dispatchable)
Finance Minister John Swinney and Salmond then go on to  criticise the power companies for high electricity charges while they are paying wind generators not to generate, and paying ridiculous prices for  wind energy the grid does not want! 
The fairy tale target of 100% renewables by 2020 is physically impossible and the attempt will empty the Scottish treasury long before then. I hope these dills of politicians are called to account when the lights begin to go out!
H/T Bishop Hill

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