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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patronising Julia likens Carbon Tax to "Eat Your Vegetables"

The vegetables Julia refers to are likely to be served with the Gillard Goose says Dennis Shanahan of the Australian. One offended voter said that Gillard was not his mother and suggested in a non-filial manner exactly what she could do with her vegetables .

If Gillard was an opposition leader, her goose would have been cooked long ago. There is no patience with opposition leaders who lead their parties to record low primary votes, have double-digit negative satisfaction ratings and can't lay a glove on the prime minister.
Voters and parties are more tolerant of prime ministers' poor polling. Recent prime ministers have been in worse positions and emerged victorious at the next election.
But as each week passes and the Opposition Leader continues to score against the government over the carbon tax, as the asylum-seeker issues remain unresolved and as decisions such as the live-cattle trade ban are bungled, the Prime Minister starts to move into the realms of previous PMs who went down in the polls, didn't recover and lost the leadership, or the election.

Meanwhile Andrew Bolt has an official reply from the Government on how much the Carbon Tax would reduce temperatures and the answer was zero,zilch,nothing - all pain and no gain !

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