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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taxpayers to Pay for Carbon Tax Propaganda!

A desperate Gillard government is about to spend $12 million of taxpayers money to convince the electorate to support a  non-existent carbon tax the majority do not want according to the latest polls. The details of the tax have not yet been released to enable voters to judge how devastating it will be to Australian homes and business.Julia Gillard is in trouble and voters are now reacting negatively to everything from her and not listening. Far from convincing the public about this dopey tax  I am sure the talking point will now be the waste of millions of dollars in advertising.

TAXPAYERS are set to foot the bill for a $12 million carbon tax advertising campaign in an announcement that has angered independent MPs, who will have the deciding votes on the controversial reform.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet today revealed initial plans for the campaign, which must still be signed off by the multi-party climate change committee and meet government advertising guidelines.
He said the “modest” campaign was appropriate to inform the public on a matter of government policy.
“The government considers that it is extremely important that the government has access to appropriate information about the policies and plans for carbon pricing,” Mr Combet said.
He refused to rule out an expansion of the advertising budget in the future.
Multi-party climate committee members Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor condemned the announcement as “incredibly unhelpful”.

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