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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Voters desert Julia Gillard over carbon tax!

Julia Gillard is failing miserably in convincing the Australian voters that a tax on everything that will not make a measurable difference to global temperatures , is a good thing for the country. The latest Newspoll has the Coalition with a 10 point lead over Labor which would translate to a rout if an election were held now.
The Australian has the story:

ONLY 30 per cent of voters are satisfied with Prime Minister Julia Gillard's performance, according to the latest Newspoll.
And Labor's core support is lower today than it was when Kevin Rudd was axed as PM almost a year ago.
Only days after party elder John Faulkner blasted toxic factions and a reliance on focus groups, Labor has recorded its second-lowest primary vote of 31 per cent, according to the Newspoll published in The Australian.
It is four points below the 35 per cent considered an unwinnable level by MPs when Mr Rudd was toppled.
Ms Gillard's satisfaction rating has dived five points in the past fortnight to a record low 30 per cent, well below Mr Rudd's low of 36 per cent in his final days as PM.
Her approval was a record high 50 per cent before she announced the carbon tax plan, a decision that has crushed her personal stocks and support for Labor.

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