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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bureaucrats the new Growth Industry.

The money churn created by the senseless Carbon tax will create a raft of new departments and bureaucrats all funded by the public purse. The Aussie Federal Public Service has grown by 20,000 since the Labor Government took office while all private industry tightened the belt after the GFC . These numbers will increase dramatically with  new Carbonocrats to oversea the wealth re-distribution and ensure the requisite billions are dissipated into the hungry maw of the parasitic clean energy  industry never to be seen again.

THE Gillard government's carbon tax package is a triumph for fiscal churn and bureaucracy over wealth creation and, for that matter, the environment.
The animating principle of the package is to use the $27.2 billion of revenue raked in by carbon permits and associated measures over the first three years to spread handouts across favoured constituencies.
And one major beneficiary will be a new army of carbonocrats.
The centrepiece of the Gillard government's bureaucratic empire building is a $10 billion clean energy finance corporation to invest in renewable energies and energy efficiency technology.
This agency, already dubbed the Brown Bank, is a throwback to an era in which governments maintained financial corporations bankrolling politically favoured, yet inefficient, ventures.
Think of the State Bank fiascos in Victoria and South Australia to recall how government acting as banker all panned out.


  1. May I remind readers of the $90 million+ that Rudd bankrolled Tim Flannery for his geo-thermal adventures - which all ended up in smoke!!

  2. John of Cloverdale WAJuly 12, 2011 at 9:11 PM

    Talk about a conflict of interest Tommo. At the end of June Geodynamics shares were at 20 cents. And after the "Carbon" Tax announcement they reached 40 cents.