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Monday, July 25, 2011

Climate Fat Cats Get New Home!

Nothing is too good for these seekers of solutions to the non-problem of Global Warming and it will warm the hearts of those in the ever-increasing elective surgery queues that $20 million has been allocated to the worthy cause of housing these Climate drones in suitable digs. The really nice touch of providing electric car charging facilities for non-existent electric cars indicates that the new building is "Green" and therefore the expenditure is  justified.

climate change office

THE Federal Government is spending more than $20 million fitting out a brand new Canberra high-rise to house bureaucrats tackling climate change.
The Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Department will move 750 of its bureaucrats into offices in the new building.
Due for completion next year, the NewActon Nishi building includes "electric car charging facilities".
This comes as the Government is also spending $12 million on an advertising campaign for its carbon tax.
Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham yesterday said the Government seemed to have a "repetitive disregard for the value of taxpayers' hard-earned money".
Of course you may question whether we are getting value for money when these dimwits are advocating huddling under a rug with an animal to keep you warm.
To reduce the energy you use while watching TV, take another tip from grandma and share the warmth. Snuggle up under a rug, snuggle with your family or cuddle your favourite pet.
I guess it would have taken two of these Warming bureaucrats to come up with such drivel working on the basis that two half-wits make a wit!


  1. Oh no, not cars running on electricity? That sounds mighty expensive under this Carbon Tax regime?
    And 750 little ants running every which way - that's a lot of wasted energy!

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  4. When will the average voter get the real message?
    All of this always has been and always will be about the faceless people controlling our elected politicians.
    The are called bureaucrats and they have long ceased to be '{Public Servants'.
    They are the real power brokers and they are the ones who manipulate what is happening in government both policy wise and on a day to day basis.
    No career politician has the guts or the knowledge to take them on and once in government, politicians simply become the puppets of our now highly paid bureaucrats.
    The old humble and lowly image of ages passed is now just a myth. Since they demanded and received equal pay rights with their counterparts in the world of free commerce, bureaucrats have had the opportunity to become truly wealthy and wield the kind of power that any CEO of a public company could only imagine. Plus lifetime tenure is virtually guaranteed.
    They are the ones with power and influence to determine what grant money is available and how it is distributed and they love nothing better than passing the credit onto the government of the day, because in the end, it enable to exercise due care with absolutely no responsibility.
    Welcome the real world of Sir Humphrey!!!

  5. I think $20 million for fitting out a brand new Canberra high-rise to house bureaucrats is a bit excessive.

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  8. I think that the Federal Government is spending more than $20 million fitting out a brand new Canberra high-rise to house bureaucrats tackling climate change should be ok since they can effect changes to the general population.

  9. I smell sarcasm in the comment above. I, for one, don't agree with this decision, since I share the same beliefs as IV in regards to climate change.
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