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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gillard Down for the Count.

The latest Herald/Neilsen poll has Labor dropping further from the record low last week. Primary support for Labor is now a  disastrous 26% and in the two party-preferred the Coalition leads 61% to 39% . Tony Abbott leads Julia Gillard by 11% as the preferred PM. Any election on these figures would decimate Labor.

THE government has flatlined, personal support for Julia Gillard has plunged and Tony Abbott is by far the nation's favoured leader, according to the first comprehensive national poll taken since the release of the carbon price policy.
After a week of fevered campaigning by both leaders, the Herald/Nielsen poll shows Labor's primary vote has hit a new record low of 26 per cent while Mr Abbott has opened up an 11-percentage point lead on Ms Gillard as the preferred prime minister.
And despite the generous compensation package accompanying the carbon price, 53 per cent of voters feel they will be worse off.

Previous low levels of support for the policy have not changed, with 39 per cent backing the package and 52 per cent opposing it. More than half - 56 per cent - want a fresh election.
Although Ms Gillard had told the caucus not to expect any short-term rise in the polls after the release of the policy details, this poll was being watched closely by many MPs hoping for some positive response to the $15 billion compensation package.



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