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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gillard Has a Guy Problem!

Polling data is showing Julia Gillard is turning men off in particular with women more inclined to vote for her although support for her has fallen with  the fair sex as well. An unpopular PM with unpopular policies is a combination the ALP will have to address and soon.

JULIA Gillard has a man problem. As the popularity of our first female prime minister plummets, government insiders fear men are turning on Ms Gillard.
While Opposition leader Tony Abbott fought off a perception that he had a problem with female voters, polling suggests the PM has a much more significant gender battle to wage.
Political analysts say polling shows she is significantly losing the support of male voters compared to women. Newspoll figures over the course of Ms Gillard's leadership show the gap between males and females has widened in her satisfaction rating and that of better prime minister.
A Newspoll in August, shortly after Ms Gillard became leader, shows 49 per cent of men thought she would make a better prime minister than Tony Abbott. In the latest Newspoll published last month, the figure dropped to 39 per cent.
Among female voters, 47 per cent of women believe Ms Gillard would make a better prime minister, down from 52 per cent last year.
In contrast, support for Mr Abbott among males and females over the same period remained almost unchanged.
Ms Gillard's satisfaction rating also had the biggest decline among men - down from 43 per cent last year to 31 per cent among males compared with a fall from 45 per cent to 38 per cent for women.

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