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Saturday, July 23, 2011

GOP Congress Panel moves to Bar Climate Funding!

A Republican-dominated Congress panel is attempting to bar foreign assistance related to the Climate Change scam saying sensibly that the US must prioritise it's resources. With the US economy in dire straits and the Government wishing to lift the debt level is is hard to justify sending any funds overseas for a genuine reason let alone "Climate Change".

A panel of the US Congress on Thursday moved to bar foreign assistance related to climate change, defying President Barack Obama's calls to contribute as part of an international accord.
On a party line vote, the Republican-led House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to ban funding in next year's budget for Obama's initiative to support poor nations in adapting to climate change or pursuing clean energy.
But the measure's future is uncertain as other committees also have jurisdiction over climate funding including in the Senate, where Obama's Democratic Party is in control.
Representative Connie Mack, a Republican from Florida, said he proposed the funding cut as "we have to prioritize US tax dollars." Jean Schmidt, a Republican from Ohio, questioned if human activity was causing climate change.

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