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Friday, July 15, 2011

Half Million Dollars per Day down the Toilet!

Sydney's 2 billion dollar desalination plant needs a half million dollars per day to stand idle-  a tribute to the previous inept Labor Government and now a burden on future generations. Labor listened to false prophet Tim Flannery and fellow climate catastrophists that the shortage of water was caused by global warming and huge expenditure was required to avert disaster.

SYDNEY'S desalination plant has asked the pricing regulator to let it have $579,500 a day in "availability charges" when it is shut down because Warragamba Dam levels are high.
The Sydney Desalination Plant, which the O'Farrell government plans to privatise, wants to be paid just $12,900 more each day to be available when it is supplying water. Under the arrangement, it would be paid a "water security" charge of $592,400 a day when operational.
"This is an unusual situation for a substantial infrastructure asset and arises as a result of the high variability of rainfall over Warragamba Dam, which provides about 80 per cent of the water supply for Sydney," the plant has said in a new submission to the regulator.
NSW Finance and Services Minister Greg Pearce has decided that the desalination plant should be able to charge for providing water supply services, irrespective of dam levels.
With Gillard paying Telstra billions to not use their copper network and billions more to scrap Hazelwood  the desalination compensation should come as no surprise to Labor critics. 

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