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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Honey Trap

The poison pill of the Carbon tax is being disguised by a raft of goodies by the Gillard government which are being leaked in advance of the detailed announcement tomorrow. Upfront money for pensioners and a billion dollars for the rural sector for "carbon sequestration" and  developing "skills" for climate change whatever that means. The tax will pass as the independent princesses have done their pirouettes in front of the media scorning their conservative electorates who will wreak their vengeance at the next election.

MORE than 1.85 million pensioner households will receive a $210 a year upfront windfall in carbon tax compensation as Julia Gillard moves to demolish Tony Abbott's cost of living assault on Sunday's climate package.
And the government will attempt a dramatic transformation of the rural sector using $1 billion of carbon price revenue over four years for soil carbon sequestration and developing skills to combat climate change, after lobbying from rural independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.
The rural package will allow emitters to buy carbon offsets directly from farmers and landholders under the government's Carbon Farming Initiative, a policy aimed at boosting the productivity of agricultural soil and creating locally tailored climate change mitigation plans.
The sugar coating is designed to hide the fact that as well as redistributing income the tax will be a huge nett earner for the Government and that money has to come from somewhere. A glib statement that only the 500 biggest polluters will pay does not change the fact that these 500 companies will recover the money by stripping jobs or raising prices - either way the public pays a heavy price. A by-election is urgently needed! 

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