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Monday, July 11, 2011

Julia's Money Merry-Go-Round

In an incredibly cynical move to shore up disastrous poll figures Australia's worst ever PM Julia Gillard has outlined her carbon tax proposal, an enormous money churning machine that will achieve absolutely no measurable change to the global temperature. Australia is now leading the Global Warming lemmings with a policy that makes one realise that the pink batt scandals and the school building disasters were all minor peccadillos compared to the latest Gillard triumph!

The main thrust of the proposal seems to be to redistribute income by   jacking up taxes for the more affluent and redistribute to the lower paid. The coal mined and sent to our power stations and industry will be taxed while that sent to China will not , enabling us to send our manufacturing overseas to take advantage of resultant low energy costs.However the good news is that those losing their jobs will get a few dollars more in social security due to the carbon tax largesse.
Following paying billions to Telstra to not use their valuable assets , the economically-challenged Gillard will pay billions to not use a perfectly good power station in Victoria while not saying how she will keep the lights on on dull windless days.
Ten billion dollars is going to the green energy sector because no one with all their marbles would use their own money on something that does not work in practical terms so this was an obvious area for Gillard's involvement. One hundred billion is planned to go down this particular gurgler by 2050.
Of course no new coal power stations will now be built in Australia but we won't need them when all our industry is re-located to China where they are building them at an unbelievable rate.

China's power sector has been expanding at a rate roughly equivalent to three to four new coal-fired, 500 megawatt plants coming on line every week, said Edward S. Steinfeld, associate professor of political science at MIT.
 The money the Chinese make from these re-located factories can be used to purchase more real estate and assets which will be  efficient because it cuts out the Australian middle-man.
Australia needs a by-election NOW!

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