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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Labor Heavy Predicts Carbon Calamity!

In a most embarrassing turn for the Gillard government , Morris Iemma , former Premier of NSW and prominent Labor identity says the only thing the carbon tax will change is the Government. He is voicing the concerns of many MP's who can't oppose the move and his statement may well  be made on their behalf. He says that Labor is fighting this battle on Green's turf instead of their own. This follows independent Tony Windsor's view that Gillard would lose the next election.

FORMER NSW premier Morris Iemma has become the most senior Labor figure to oppose Julia Gillard's carbon tax.
Mr Iemma says the carbon tax that forms federal Labor's platform for re-election in 2013 is environmentally marginal, economically costly and likely to lead Labor to a historic electoral train wreck.
"One thing is sure -- it won't change the world, but it could change the government," Mr Iemma told The Australian.
Mr Iemma accused the Gillard government of betraying the Hawke-Keating legacy of economic reform, instead embracing the environmental policies of the Greens' agenda.
"We embraced economic growth, and the benefits of economic growth, in the Hawke-Keating era, but we're fighting this battle on the Greens' turf, not our turf. Bob Brown wants to replace the Labor Party as a major party."

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