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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monckton's Advice is Correct!

Adelaide Now must have searched for the most unflattering picture it could find of Christopher Monckton in reporting the debate.
In Canberra to campaign against the carbon tax, Lord Monckton offered the Coalition no comfort, declaring its multi-billion-dollar policy futile.
"Yes, the Coalition should, in my opinion, ditch it because there is no need to take any action about carbon dioxide at all," he told the National Press Club.
The divisive figure, who yesterday suffered the humiliation of being outed by the British Parliament for falsely claiming membership of the House of Lords, said carbon dioxide played no role in causing global warming, and carbon dioxide from industry, fossil fuels and farms "on any view is not a pollutant, it is plant and tree food".
Monckton is right and Abbott should jettison the direct action policy as the Coalition is fighting with their hands tied when they cannot point out the futility of the 5% target compared to China's huge increase in emissions without contradicting their own policy. They would only lose the trendy inner city voters and they are voting Green anyway .
Abbott did just that in talking about China earlier and then had to spend an embarrassing  day back-tracking.
It is time to come clean and again call it "crap".

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