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Monday, July 4, 2011

Reprise: Julia Promises "No Carbon Tax" ( Petrol This Time)

Julia Gillard struggling to get her carbon tax over the line has "promised" there will be no carbon tax on petrol now or in the future. Carbon tax promises are not new to this Prime Minister as her pre-election guarantee to the Australian people shows - there is no wriggle room.

JULIA Gillard today ruled out a carbon tax on petrol "now, and in the future" to ease householders' fears about cost of living increases.
As Labor prepares a full-scale campaign to promote the carbon tax, the Prime Minister announced self-funded retirees would receive quarterly payments to offset higher costs associated with the carbon tax.
"Families, tradies, small business people do not have to worry about a petrol price increase,'' Ms Gillard told ABC Television today.

The carbon tax will raise at least 11.5 billion in its first year according to Garnaut and the Government plan to use half of that in a socialist  wealth re-distribution to lower income taxpayers begging the question - where will the other five billion come from?
From the "big polluters" says Julia ignoring the obvious reality that the "big polluters" will raise prices to the public         and trim jobs to pay the tax in a double whammy for the taxpayer.
This is a dopey tax that will adversely affect a struggling economy when the non-mining sector employing most Australians is doing it very tough and the tax will have absolutely no effect on global temperatures.


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  2. Raising energy prices will make Australians innovate in terms of energy efficiency and low-carbon energy, ahead of the curve, before the inevitable rises in price of dwindling fossil fuels. This will encourage Australians to become world leaders in this technology, and increase long-run employment.

    The rise in energy prices is money distributed to government and back to the people of Australia.

  3. Raising energy prices will make Australia poorer and less competitive. The technology for so-called green energy ie wind and solar comes from China . Even the US buys their technology from them. By what flight of fantasy do you think a carbon tax is going to reverse that.

  4. Since when did governments start handing out money to the people of Australia Rob? Your looking at your vision for the future thru smoky glasses. Simply wishing for this type of change does not qualify for success. So far attempts at providing alternative and viable so called green energy sources are a lot more than wide of the mark - they are simply unachievable extremely costly experiments in futility!