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Sunday, July 31, 2011

UK PM (Borrowing $5 Billion per Week) - Supports Gillard!

UK PM Cameron is supporting Gillard's Carbon Tax initiative which is not surprising as he has similar economic credentials with the UK Government borrowing $5 billion every week to survive.While plunging his country into debt this dimwit is providing billions for "climate change adaption" overseas while at home shutting down 24/7 power-stations in favour of an airy fairy $200 billion program of wind generation, a technology  which provided no power in the coldest part of the UK winter and works intermittently other times. Gillard's financial acumen is similar with the Government paying billions to shut down one of  our cheapest power generators and ten billion dollars to scrap Telstra's working copper network built over many decades.

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron has praised his Australian counterpart Julia Gillard's carbon plan as bold and ambitious.
The Conservative Party leader's endorsement of the Australian prime minister's plan to impose a carbon tax undercuts a campaign against the scheme by his conservative ally, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Fairfax reports.
In a letter obtained by Fairfax, Mr Cameron said Ms Gillard's policy "will add momentum to those, in both the developed and developing world, who are serious about dealing with this urgent threat".
"I was delighted to hear of the ambitious package of climate change policy measures you announced on 10 July and wanted to congratulate you on taking this bold step," he wrote.
Fairfax also reports that Mr Abbott has asked Auditor-General Ian McPhee to launch a probe into whether the government's $25 million campaign to sell the policy is deceptive and breaches political advertising rules.

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