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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whoops- What's another 2 Billion of Carbon Monopoly Money!

Here we go already - a minor glitch in Gillard's costing of at least 2 billion which is required to replace Hazelwood power station will be funded from a magic "budget contingency" fund . Of course on present technology it would have to be gas and we don't know how expensive that will be. Of course the usual mental midgets of the Green persuasion think  solar and/or wind should be used and Victoria should only operate on sunny windy days!
I wonder if it ever crosses Gillard's mind that 2 billion would go a long way in building hospitals to solve real  problems not imaginary ones.

JULIA Gillard has confirmed the hit on taxpayers under her climate change plan will be more than the disclosed cost of $4.3 billion, saying the promised buyout of Australia's dirtiest power stations will be financed from the budget's contingency reserve.
The government has refused to disclose how much it will pay to retire 2000 megawatts of brown coal generation capacity, warning it would up the price for taxpayers in an upcoming tender process.
"We can't tell you what that figure is because we are going to get (tenders from) businesses that run dirty coal fired power stations," Ms Gillard told radio 6PR.
"We have made provision in the contingency reserve, so we've put some money aside for that."
The government revealed the brown coal buyout plan on Sunday with its carbon tax package, but didn't say where the money would come from.
Asked today to confirm the money would come off the budget, not the proceeds of the carbon tax, Ms Gillard said: "Yes, we've put some money aside for it."

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