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Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Green Slug for Homeowners

The new taxes keep coming with a compulsory "green rating" scheme planned for dwellings before they are sold or leased. Energy audits would cost up to $820.00 under the scheme. This nanny state mentality assumes that a buyer will not check his property before purchase and needs the government to do it for him. Of course a new army of green auditors will be required for the scheme ,part of the ever-increasing parasitic green bureaucracy blighting this country of ours.

EMBATTLED homeowners could be slugged more than $800 to give their houses a compulsory "green rating" before they are sold or leased, under a new federal government scheme.
Mandatory "green ratings" for apartments and houses similar to those on new washing machines and fridges are to be introduced in the initiative to encourage more energy efficient homes.
The ratings are part of the requirement for each state to introduce legislation requiring homeowners to disclose their home's energy, greenhouse and water efficiency when they advertise it for sale or lease.
A national report has posed four different options for energy audits which in NSW would range in price from about $200 to $820.
Public consultations on compulsory testing will be held for the first time around the country starting in Sydney on Tuesday.
The most expensive option detailed in the report estimates a charge to an individual home owner of $774 for an assessor with an added $50 cost for the inconvenience of having to arrange to be present during the assessment.


  1. We have had this bit of nonsense in the UK for a couple of years now. The energy and co2 rating appear on the real estate details for the house. The idea is to encourage insulation etc to try to get a high reading which is supposed to encourage sales.
    I work in the property business and I can tell you that this has no effect on sales whatever, none, zilch, zero. It is just a simple cost to the owner. On the bright side our glorious government benefits from the tax (VAT) levied on the cost of the assessment.

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