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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Appalling - More Billions Down the Gillard Gurgler!

A cabinet report which the Government has not surprisingly attempted to keep secret has finally been released after court action .
The damning document says that 3.5 billion dollars which has been spent annually on the aboriginal industry has provided very little or negative return. For the numerically challenged Labor pollies that is 14  billion dollars over the last 4 Labor years , making it the most wasteful Labor program ever, and there were some hard ones to beat like the multi-billion tax dollar black holes of the Pink Batts fiasco and the school building rort together with the billions being wasted on impractical "green energy" schemes across the country, making this the most wasteful government in living memory!

A document the Federal Government fought to keep secret has revealed the $3.5 billion it spends each year on Indigenous programs has generated "dismally poor returns".

The February 2010 cabinet report says past approaches to ending Indigenous disadvantage have "clearly failed" and recommends 25 Indigenous programs be cut.

The finance report recommends targeting funding at larger, more viable communities and for support to be provided to help people move to areas with better education and job opportunities.

"Past approaches to remedying Indigenous disadvantage have clearly failed and new approaches are needed for the future," the report states.

"The current set of Indigenous-specific programs across the Commonwealth is unduly complex and confusing."

The report - intended for cabinet members only - was obtained by the Seven Network under Freedom of Information laws after a lengthy court battle.

It says "policy outcomes are disappointing at best and appalling at worst".

"This major investment ($3.5 billion annually), maintained over many years, has yielded dismally poor returns to date," it says.

It recommends consolidating 51 separate Indigenous programs into 18.

The review also identifies 25 programs which could be wound up and a further 15 which should be transferred to the states and territories.

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