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Monday, August 22, 2011

Carbon Tax Machinations an Assault on Democracy!

With the majority of Australian voters opposed to the Carbon Tax , Gillard's Government is moving to thwart moves to remove the tax even when an incoming Government will have a clear mandate from the Australian people to do so. Gillard is even crowing about how difficult and expensive it will be for Abbott to do his job and unwind the tax the Australian people do not want. This is a planned attack on democracy and a cynical attempt to deprive voters of their rights to vote for change and reflects the arrogance of this Government and complete indifference to the  wishes of the electorate. The Greens of course will ignore any mandate given by the people in line with their general Marxist thinking .

IT COULD take a Tony Abbott-led Coalition government until 2016 to axe Labor's carbon tax if it is forced to go to a double dissolution election, says the left-leaning think tank the Australia Institute.
In a discussion paper to be released today the institute argues the Coalition would have to work through several years of parliamentary process to build a double dissolution election trigger to dump the carbon tax via a joint-sitting of Parliament and replace it with its direct action climate change policy.
The institute says the lengthy political fight would result in significant uncertainty for industry in making investment decisions, pushing up costs, especially for the electricity sector.

The Australia Institute's analysis assumes the Greens still hold the balance of power in the Senate if the Coalition wins the next federal election - due in mid-2013 - and Labor continues to support the carbon price scheme in opposition.
The Greens leader, Bob Brown, has given a ''rolled gold guarantee'' his party would seek to protect the carbon price if it continues to hold the balance of power after the 2013 poll.
The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has said on several occasions he would take the country to a double dissolution poll - sparking a joint sitting of the lower and upper house of Parliament and likely to give the Coalition the numbers needed to dump the tax - if required. The Coalition disputes the institute's suggestions. The opposition spokesman on climate action, Greg Hunt, said: ''This issue will be resolved well before 2016. Labor will risk its political future if it ignores the will of the people at the election.
''If the Coalition is elected on the basis of scrapping the carbon tax, Labor must support its removal, including voting for its abolition in the House of Representatives and the Senate. In that regard, the Greens holding the balance of power is irrelevant."


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  1. The last Labor Government in Victoria did a similar thing when the locked us into Toll way that was promised would be a Freeway and also with the white elephant of a Desal Plant.

    In both cases Labor signed contracts that were so one-sided that it would be impossibly difficult and ruinously expensive for the incoming Coalition State Government to unwind.

    Gillard locking us into a Carbon tax the majority don't want and she promised she wouldn't do is just another example of Labor's arrogance.