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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Convoy a revolt of working people

Gary Johns, minister from a previous Labor Government says that the the true cost of the Carbon Tax is over a trillion dollars and it will cost jobs and lower living standards. The political effect of a convoy of monster trucks driven by real Australians through Canberra will be devastating for Gillard and her motley crew.

Australia's uprising is from workers. Workers, who every day drive trucks and travel in aeroplanes all over Australia to work in mines and on cattle stations and in hundreds of industries that service them.
They may be a little unkempt; they could afford to stand a little closer to a razor blade and a little further away from a tattoo gun, but what they lack in inner-city elegance, they more than make up for in a sense of proportion and reality. They do not like being treated as fools.
The federal Labor government has indeed treated them and millions of others as fools.

All other things considered, the real outcome of the carbon tax will in fact be both job losses and real wage decline. Treasury knows this and the Treasurer knows this, or at least he should.
The petitioners are angry because they have been told that the carbon tax will save the world from climate change, and that the carbon tax will not cost more than they can be compensated for.
According to Newspoll, only 30 per cent of Australians support the government's "plan to put a price on carbon".

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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures when they finally get there on the 22nd.

    But unless they hang around until the vote next month, keeping the pressure on, I fear Julia and her cabal of Carbon Criminals will pass the law anyway.

    Good luck. We're pulling for you.