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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It is the Absolute Right of the State to Supervise the Formation of Public Opinion

 As I received my little  package on the Carbon Tax in the mail I thought of the words of Josef Goebbels above justifying his use of propaganda to further his Government agenda. In the same way it was disquieting to read of a survey by the CSIRO proud of the fact that that little children are now carrying the message home of what they have "learnt" at school to their "ignorant" parents. Children are not just being taught the 3 R's at school and while we can forbid religious indoctrination for our children we can't stop  other messages buried in the school syllabus which we would rather were not taught. They will grow up with the twisted idea that the large companies and power generators that are the backbone of our  country and provide our standard of living are somehow evil monsters as they pollute our atmosphere with CO2.
The survey, by research groups Bayer and the CSIRO, found one in three families disagree on the importance of climate change with one in five parents saying they didn't believe in climate change.
"It is encouraging to see that children are taking what they've learned in the classroom and using it to educate their parents on how to reduce their carbon footprint," Peta Ashworth, from the CSIRO's Science into Society Group, said today.
"When it comes to young Australians and their knowledge of the environment, it is clear the work done in schools is creating some healthy debates about sustainability and being green at home."
The survey, which sought the views of 1000 parents and children aged 10-16, found that kids were helping their parents to reduce their carbon footprint with 46 per cent of parents saying their kids encouraged them to recycle rubbish and 27 per cent saying they were encouraged by their offspring to take shorter showers.
 And many kids certainly felt they were the experts on the topic with nearly a quarter saying they believed they were the family expert on the environment at home.

And in another time and another place

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.
Adolf Hitler

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  1. What a shame that the average person doesn't seem to be capable of separating climate change (which is inevitable because the climate systems are an ongoing dynamic process), any effect which humans might be having on the climate, and the role of CO2 (a trace gas with vastly less climate-affecting properties than water vapour) in it all. Utterly unscientific.