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Friday, August 5, 2011

Just the Time for Two Huge New Taxes!

With the current share market collapse we see that Labor's impeccable timing has not deserted them with the impost of the Carbon and Mining taxes hanging like a spectre over the economy just at the time when consumer confidence is needed. Confidence was weak even before the introduction of the Carbon tax details . Gillard is now so wedded to this silly tax that there is no going back as long as she is at the helm pretending to be some tearful (but steely-eyed) re-incarnation of Margaret Thatcher . The economy cannot rebound significantly while consumers and the business community view their Government as completely incompetent while much of their disposable cash is disappearing on sky-rocketing power and water prices.
A GROUP of business leaders has attacked the Gillard government as intrusive, short-sighted, heavy-handed and difficult to deal with.
Leading the sustained attack at a business lunch in Melbourne yesterday was Westpac and BHP Billiton director Lindsay Maxsted, who said he could not recall a time in his decades of experience when relations between Canberra and the business community were more strained.
A more intelligent and caring Government would scrap both taxes indefinitely !

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