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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Labor Desperate over Prostitute Claims!

If Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson loses his seat over claims that his union card was used for prostitute services the Gillard government will lose their majority at the resultant by-election.
Thomson is the bloke who was accused of paying for the services of prostitutes on his union credit card, not for himself but his mates, including a payment of $2475 to an escort agency in 2005. That amount was billed back to the Health Services Union, effectively funded through the union dues of low-paid hospital orderlies. Thomson initially took legal action against Fairfax for publishing the story. He subsequently abandoned the case, and admitted on radio that he had authorised the payment, albeit with the caveat that he wasn't aware that it was being made to an escort agency.Credible figures in the ALP have privately and publicly rebuked Thomson for his conduct, including minister Tanya Plibersek.
The fragile nature of the Gillard majority  explains why Labor funds were used for Thomson's legal services .

THE Labor Party spent more than $40,000 in legal fees to bail controversial federal MP Craig Thomson out of strife after he sued over claims his former union credit card was used to hire prostitutes.Mr Thomson dropped his defamation action against Fairfax over the claims in June.Prime Minister Julia Gillard needs him to stay in parliament to keep her majority. NSW Labor paid most of his legal bill. Sussex St confirmed yesterday NSW Labor headquarters paid "some" of his legal bills, which included settling some of Fairfax's costs.A senior Labor source confirmed the payment and said: "It's not uncommon for political parties to help members with legal bills from time to time.
 Thomson is expected to come under heavy fire in Parliament this week with Gillard in the un-enviable position of being forced to defend him!

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