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Thursday, August 11, 2011

No better time for a carbon tax - Gillard

Julia Gillard
Julia Gillard, in her own fairy-tale world at a town hall meeting in WA said there is no better time for a carbon tax!  When , may I ask, would there be a worse time? Only the simpleminded would think that the imminent global recession won't affect Australia and if China can not sell her goods she will not buy ours and Australia is in deep do-do.
Are these politicians living on a different planet where GFC 2 is not happening?

THE Australian economy is expected to grow despite global economic turmoil and there is no better time to introduce a carbon tax, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.
At a town hall forum to discuss the carbon tax in Perth, Ms Gillard was pressed on why the government would pursue it with so much uncertainty surrounding global financial markets.
She said she understood that many people would be disturbed to see the dramatic movements on global stockmarkets, the frantic political negotiations over debt in the US and the "widespread mayhem" on the streets of London.

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  1. Dullard & Co saw what happened in NSW in March. Exactly the same fate awaits them and any other politicians whose hubris makes them forget that Australia is a democracy, not an autocracy.