"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Friday, September 30, 2011

Today's Solar Dream to Become Tomorrow's Nightmare!

Queensland now has 107,000 homes getting a free solar ride on their neighbours with guaranteed feed-in tariffs mandated until 2028. The rest of the community will be paying for these "green" freeloaders for another 17 years unless a future government acts to protect the majority of consumers. The problems with solar panels apart from those above, are now becoming obvious even to people with the limited intellect of our Queensland politicians. Our electricity grid is sensibly not designed to have un-needed power fed back to the grid and transformer saturation has now become a major problem. To counter this no more than 30% of consumers in an area will be able to install panels which is small comfort to the other 70% footing the bill.
All these solar panels and the transfer of money from the solar panel have-nots to the solar panel haves will not reduce one iota the requirement for fossil-fueled power stations .

World's Greatest Treasurer borrows a billion every week!

In a country with a booming export industry it is hard to imagine how Australia has a budget deficit of nearly 50 billion dollars. Of course when you add up the list of financial disasters this government has caused it is not surprising , and Labor has never in recent times managed to run a surplus - deficit spending is in the Labor DNA.
Australia should be putting money in a future fund for the hard times not wasting it on impractical  schemes and financial mismanagement. Euromoney who gave the award to our treasure has an unrivalled record in recognising financial acumen.

Euromoney 2006 Best Investment Bank - Lehman Brothers (Busted 2007)
And I’d like to note the favourable Euromoney commentary on AIG’s future, 2007 (bailed out 2007)

So it is probably not surprising for the World's Greatest Treasurer to think a great big new Carbon Tax will be just the thing to get the economy going! 

Green Jobs $16 Million each in the Obanana republic!

  Having learnt nothing from the Solyandra debacle Obama's crew has rushed through a $737 million dollar loan guarantee to Solar Reserve which is constructing a 110 MW Nevada solar power facility which will create 45 permanent jobs - a snip at $16 million a pop. However Obama can be confident that this time everything will be fine as by an amazing co-incidence Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is executive director of Pacific Corporate Group , an investment partner in Solar Reserve.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Energy utopia is nearly here!

Queensland is well on the way to energy utopia where no one pays for their electric power with an incredible 26000 applications for solar meters in April and May 2011 compared with 6000 total for last year.When all Queensland households have solar power most homes will be getting their power for nothing or very little - a sort of perpetual electricity machine invented by the Government. Power stations which will still have to supply the great majority of power will of course have to run at zero cost as there will be almost no domestic electricity charges to pay them. There will be a problem for the last house to get solar panels because under the current scheme until they are connected they will be asked to pay for powering every other home in Queensland. Meanwhile those consumers who have been prevented from ripping off their neighbours by the tardiness of Energex in installing bi-directional meters are angry at delays  claiming they are losing (their neighbours) money. The recent incoming NSW government found a 1.8 billion dollar unfunded liability with a similar scheme but the intellectual midgets running Queensland will be able to manage a much greater figure in this age of the death of reason.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Global Carbon Tax on fuels is just what we need!

Are these people living on another planet where the economy is not collapsing and all is rosy?
The World Bank and the IMF are completely out of their trees in proposing a new carbon tax on fuel in the current economic meltdown. It would be another blow to western economies which are strangling themselves in regulations and taxes imposed by an increasingly socialist world.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Brother claims Orwellian status!

There is an old saying that says"those that can do and those that can't teach" and unfortunately tax-payer funded Australian universities have banded together to form the Conversation , a blog that is of course firmly wedded to the Global Warming religion that delivers all the government-funded goodies to the faithful. A post An Orwellian climate caught my attention which is notable in it's attempt to claim the skeptic's Orwell for the warmist cause. Climate realists are supposed to be altering reality in the following ways: (My words in italics)

Bill " I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton says engaging Deniers is a Joke!

Bill Clinton should remember the old saying about people in glass houses when he starts denigrating deniers having been one of the most notorious deniers of recent times. I guess in talking about what is politically unacceptable he would definitely be speaking from experience.

Half a Million Pounds for a Rock!

The idiocy of a country, borrowing 3 billion pounds a week , spending half a million pounds towing a rock around in a barge in the name of art, beggars belief. It shows the complete disconnect from reality of modern governments when spending the public's money , not just in the UK but around the world.. It is time to say enough is enough and for tax-payers to demand that the waste stops now. Events like this should be ferreted out and publicised to shame our leaders into action.

A Devon MP has said £500,000 spent on an Arctic island Olympic arts project could have been better invested in community arts projects.
Part of the island will be transported on a barge around the coast of the South West.
Geoffrey Cox, Conservative MP for Torridge and West Devon, called it an "extraordinary folly".
The Arts Council said the "remarkable visual sculpture" would open up a debate on global warming.
Artist Alex Hartley and 18 volunteers excavated about six tonnes of material from an island exposed by a retreating glacier on the Svalbard archipelago, north of Norway.

H/T EU Referendum

More Unsolicited Advice from the Rich and Famous to Gullible Followers!

Celebrities have launched a global I AM campaign to educate people about global warmingand tell them how to live . Green technologies are good even if they double the cost of power - who gives a sh*t if you are earning millions of dollars. If Granny can't afford it and freezes - well, there are too many people anyway. Of course these people do their bit for the environment with great publicity stunts like running the private jet on dandelion oil or having the help wash the Roller with enviro-friendly suds.
James Cameron's House

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Would a turkey vote for Thanksgiving?

Rob Oakshott , who is as popular as the bubonic plague in the conservative electorate he betrayed, has pompously threatened to "review" his position if the ALP changes leader. I have never heard such BS in my life. The ALP is a leaky lifeboat but it will keep him employed only while it is Government and not one minute more. For Oakshott the choice is an ALP Government or the ranks of the unemployed as he is now unelectable. With his balance of power position  supporting the Gillard government, Oakshott with fellow independent Tony Windsor has the ability to take the down the government - power which has given him an undeserved and unearned soap-box for his views.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Politically Correct Atlas.

The new Times Atlas edition shows Greenland with 15% less ice cover than previous which was too much for even BBC's warmist Richard Black to stomach.
Map and satellite radar image

Scientists say the Times Atlas map (left) does not follow the ice extent line as viewed from space (right)

The problem was that  the editorial staff obtained the data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)  which is a warmist organisation like NASA and NOAA , organisations which have a great deal of difficulty separating real world data from their fanciful ideological world . Maybe they just used the Trenberth model which assumed the additional green area was actually "hiding" under the ice! Skeptics have long warned about the accuracy of the data from these organisations where the real data is tortured until it confesses that global warming is real.

Monday, September 19, 2011

They seek it here,they seek it there,Trenberth seeks it everywhere!

That damned elusive missing heat has plagued climate "scientists" for years causing a major discrepancy in global heat balance calculations. Now it is conveniently claimed that it has been hiding in the deep oceans ready to leap out and cause rampant global warming some time in the future. Real scientists of course who find the data doesn't agree with their theories re-examine their theories and do not assume automatically that the real data is "lurking" somewhere else.
This deep oceans conjecture has been invented to  explain why the "settled science" cannot explain the lack of global warming over the last decade with increasing CO2 emissions. This new theory of course must be right because the "scientists" have modeled it using the deluxe five simulation model for extra greenwashing and amazingly they got exactly the correct result and the planet is once more plunged into mortal danger.

Green Dragon is a Fraud.

As a businessman who had extensive dealings with Chinese people I have enormous respect for their business acumen and those gullible politicians who are touting China's "green" credentials are being very naive.

The proportion of China's total electricity generation coming from "green energy" is microscopic but adequate
window-dressing to fool the incompetents in Canberra while in reality every other week a new coal-fired power station is commissioned.
Australia is ill-served with a government of union hacks, former Labor staffers and some-time academics making business decisions involving the most commercially astute people in the world. The Australian has more on the story:

EARLIER this month, Zhang Ping, chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission, which is charged with developing social and economic policies to transform the country, reportedly told local industry leaders China would show global leadership in fighting climate change.
Even though China overtook the US as the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide last year, it also became the world's largest manufacturer of wind turbines and solar panels and a leader in the development of carbon sequestration technology.
The carbon tax bills are now before Australia's federal parliament. Julia Gillard, Greens leader Bob Brown and climate-change adviser Ross Garnaut have argued China's can-do green example ought to be our inspiration. But while China is playing a smart commercial game, its pro-green credentials are a mirage.
There is superficial evidence that China takes climate change seriously. Its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) claims China will reduce its carbon intensity (the amount of carbon emitted per unit of output) by 17 per cent in 2015 compared with current levels. And 50 per cent of its energy will come from renewable sources by 2050.

Yet dig a little deeper and it becomes clear Beijing's carefully crafted message about shifting towards a green future is primarily designed for Western markets eager for alternative energy sources and as a defence against these same governments putting greater pressure on China to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
Take the issue of coal-fired power stations. China has closed down hundreds of its more inefficient coal-fired stations in the past few years. But for every coal-fired station shut down in the past three years, two have sprung up. While gross domestic product has been growing at about 10 per cent during the past five years, Chinese consumption of coal has been increasing at about 17 per cent each year and coal production has been increasing by more than 20 per cent in the same period. According to some figures, investment in the coal industry has been increasing between 30 per cent and 50 per cent a year for the past three years.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally, a Real Australian Vision!

Tony Abbott has revealed a visionary look at Australia's future with a proposed creation of a food bowl in Northern Australia using dams to provide water and irrigation. The Greens will ferociously oppose any new dams and subsequent development no matter how beneficial it is for the country. With Australia so dependent on mining income and unable to compete with China in manufacturing it is a logical move to develop food production where we already compete internationally and have a sustainable competitive advantage with the amount of arable land available if water is made available. After all the crazy "green" plans promoted by the current disastrous government this new project is a breath of fresh air dispelling in an instant the negative image Labor has been cultivating around Tony Abbott.
rivers coalition dam map
THE Coalition is developing an ambitious plan to double Australia's agricultural production by the middle of the century through a network of new dams in the Top End, which would open up millions of hectares of under-utilised land to food production.

Obama on Comedy Central over Solyandra Scandal

You know your presidential re-election campaign is in trouble when you move from the newspaper front page to Comedy Central. The irreverent Jon Stewart gives his take on the Solyandra scandal currently under investigation by the FBI.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A few sandwiches short of the full picnic!

 With the green madness sweeping the world we find film of people crying at trees disturbing enough but when we have a group gathering from all over the world  to hand legal rights over to fauna and flora it blows the mind. These people are actually serious and gathering at a local university for a conference. They must have a problem with what is served for lunch as both vegetarians and meat-eaters would be eating the clients they want to represent!

Poison Pills in Carbon Tax

 With one of the most disgusting and cynical acts by any Government in this country Labor has inserted in  the Carbon Tax poison pill clauses to make sure that once we have this economy-destroying tax it will be almost impossible to remove. Labor and their Green cohorts have been crowing about how much it will cost for Abbott to undo the damage but only now can we see the new depths to which this worst government in Australian history has sunk. Henry Ergas has the story:
IT was Mark Dreyfus QC, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, who let the cat out of the bag.Once the carbon change legislation is in place, he said, repeal would amount to an acquisition of property by the commonwealth, as holders of emissions permits would be deprived of a valuable asset. As a result, the commonwealth would be liable, under s.51(xxxi) of the Australian Constitution, to pay compensation, potentially in the billions of dollars. A future government would therefore find repeal prohibitively costly.That consequence is anything but unintended. The clean energy legislation, released this week, specifically provides that "a carbon unit (its generic term for a right to emit) is personal property".

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ouch! A Quarter of a Trillion Dollars for the Green Carpetbaggers !

A UN report has calculated last year's investment in so-called "clean energy" at a staggering 243 billion dollars for technology that  basically doesn't work in real energy systems.  One quarter of a trillion dollars could solve a lot of the world's problems in feeding and housing the poorest, providing education and medical care and bringing hope and opportunity to those who have none but instead the money will fund every loony project these onanists can dream up and call "clean energy".

Professor Plimer Revisited!

For those who may not have yet seen Professor Ian Plimer , here is an excellent interview he gave following publication of his book "Heaven and Earth" which puts the current climate change controversy in geological and historical context and is well worth a look. I attended the book launch and was very impressed with his ability to communicate his ideas clearly in everyday language .

Nobel Laureate joins world's top physicist in Global Warming scepticism!!

Ivar GiaeverA  major blow to the Global Warming religion has been struck by another eminent physicist Dr Ivar Giaevar a Nobel Prize Winner who has resigned in disgust from the APS because of their stance on supporting the Global Warming scam .With his very public rejection of the "science" of global warming Dr Giaever joins another illustrious physicist Freeman Dyson in the sceptic  ranks.

Green Energy Dominos Start to Fall!


The green energy bubble will surely follow in the footsteps of the dot.com crash as reality catches up with ideology and  companies with no economic or sensible raison d'etre will fail. The rate at which this happens will be dependent on how quickly the governments establish proper priorities and shut off the flow of taxpayer funds to these parasitic companies which cannot function without their snouts in the public trough.The catalyst will probably be the 2012 US elections when the GOP looks likely to take the presidency and the Senate and the rest of the world will follow.Increased Congressional oversight by the GOP is already having an effect.
The recent collapse of the solar company Solyandra in the US taking with it a half billion of  taxpayer funds has now been followed by the biomass technology company Choren in Germany with 300 employees.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Real Green Agenda!

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it 

It is as if the Soviet Union never happened and we are to go down the same path again but this time on a global scale from which the world will never be able to recover. For those who doubt the green agenda read on! These are the real greens , not the inner-city gullibles who get a warm fuzzy feeling from voting for that nice party that is saving the koala and the polar bear.

A gathering of greens and socialists intent on changing our way of life are having a conference sponsored by the tax-payer funded Melbourne University . Lauded as a Marxist and Ecology conference those who are interested can find background reading references here. They could have saved some money on poster design and just used one from the old Soviet era which used lots of them.

Julia Gillard wants to be judged by history!

On introducing the Carbon Tax legislation Julia Gillard said that history will judge her and sooner than we think. For once she is so right and we are fortunate to have historical footage to assist with that judgement.

H/t Andrew Bolt

Failed UK wind experiment should be a precautionary lesson for all!

 The presentation of the Carbon Tax bills to Parliament  was an opportunity for Julia  Gillard to prattle on ad nauseum about "clean energy" and the glorious future facing the  Australian people with all the jobs and opportunities the clean energy revolution was going to generate (unfortunately in China) using Chinese wind generators and Chinese solar panels. I thought that as Great Britain had a great number of wind generators in service it would be worth checking the quantity and quality of the energy supplied to the grid  from data supplied from the regulator.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Householders Get Rights over Wind Farm Development.

stirling castle
What is wrong with this picture of beautiful Stirling Castle in Scotland?

 Smarter than our UK cousins  t
he Victorian Government has announced planning laws for wind farms to allow householders to stop construction within 2 Km of their homes and also has acted to protect environmentally important  areas from the degradation caused by ugly wind towers and associated road and power lines. The irony of a Conservative government acting to protect the environment from green-inspired eco-vandalism should not be lost on voters. The wind carpetbaggers are threatening to take their bat and ball and go and play elsewhere which is the best possible result for Victorians.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ugliness of Green!

California currently has 15,000 wind generators beautifying the countryside and erratically supplying a huge 1% of energy consumed by the state. The picture shown is of the Tehachapi Wind Farm which has 5000 of those generators. To get some idea of the scope of this particular malignancy on the landscape the photo below shows only a few of these bird-mincing monstrosities!

The dream of Gillard's Government is that the Aussie countryside should look like this!

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Banks don't Understand the Technology" but Obama Does!

Even with FBI agents swarming over Solyandra , one of Obama's pet "green job" projects which went belly-up with half a billlion dollars of Federal loan guarantees Obama shows no signs of slowing the flow of billions of dollars to the "green" snake oil industry.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Europe is Broke!

The UK is currently borrowing more than a half billion dollars per day , showing how divorced from reality is  the latest EU demand that 12 billion dollars be spent on upgrading rubbish dumps to meet the latest green standards of the EU socialist bureaucracy.

Bulldozer working on landfill site, UK

There seems to be a complete inability of EU bureaucrats to understand that every thought bubble they turn into a law must be paid for. Don't these turkeys talk to their financial counterparts who are trying to stop Europe going into financial melt-down like a row of dominos . I guess they can be comforted by the fact that there will be shiny new rubbish bins outside the soup kitchens for the masses of unemployed caused by regressive EU policies. Does the word "prioritisation" exist in their lexicon of bureaucratic gobbledygook  Do they understand that when you are up to your eyeballs in debt , spending billions on upgrading rubbish systems may not be the best way of allocating scarce resources. In the words of one irate UK citizen " The EU can go copulate with itself!"

Kogan Creek Solar Boost - Green Energy at any Cost!

When any large capital project is planned the prudent investor checks on the return on investment for the capital employed as there is an opportunity cost incurred in using capital that could be getting a good return elsewhere.
CS Energy's Kogan Creek Solar Boost is a "clean,green" energy project where a solar generator is being built next to a coal-fired power station, costing $102 million dollars with a forecast generation capacity of 44,000 MWhr of solar energy per year. It is billed as the largest construction of it's kind in the world which translated means that it was necessary to come to Australia to find politicians dumb enough to pay for a major part of the cost.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Solar Dawn- Clean,Green Idiocy!

It is amazing that even while solar company Solyandra goes belly-up in the States taking Obama's half a billion dollars off into the solar sunset Gillard and her cohorts are busy coughing up a half billion dollars to Solar Dawn for a  "hybrid solar power station" - a dopey concept which would only fool true believers, idiots and Gillard's bunch of incompetents.

Leader of EU Basketcase Approves of our Carbon Tax!

The European Commission leader Jose Barosso  approves of Australia's carbon tax and praised Gillard for putting a price on emissions. With impeccable credentials to give advice the former Maoist leader of the Portuguese Communist party and former Prime Minister of basket-case country Portugal is now President of the EU, a ragtag bunch  of bankrupt or near bankrupt countries trying to export their failed policies to gullible pollies overseas.
Of course Julia Gillard is proud to have her photo opportunity with this man given the convergence of their political ideologies and economy destroying policies.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stop Press :Newspoll - Horrific for Labor!

The latest Newspoll announced minutes ago shows Labor trailing the Coalition by a massive 18%  or 41% to 59% in two-party adjusted terms, the worst margin in history. Under these numbers the Labor party would be virtually wiped out in an election held now.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The warmist Age scores an own goal!

By running a poll to have "climate experts"answer the most popular reader's questions on Global Warming the Age has been forced to answer the number one question which is just the one they did not want as it exposes the whole scam!
The very point of Australia's carbon tax is to reduce global warming. How much will reducing 5% of Australia's around 1.5% contribution of global CO2 emissions reduce global temperature by? If the amount is negligible (which it is), then given the present economic turbulence, what is the probability of Australia's carbon tax inspiring major emitters like USA, China and India to make ACTUAL cuts to their C02 emissions (as opposed to mere carbon intensity) and economic growth?

 The answer of course is that the CO2 reduction will reduce global temperatures by effectively nothing and the Age had to give that answer. Of course the correct answer was followed by a raft of alarmist gobbledygook about "inspiring the world" by being the first lemming over the cliff even though the rest of the world is behaving in a most un-lemming-like manner and not following.

The first part of Fong's question is not as easy as it seems because scientists talk of a range of temperature rises that are possible if emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere continue unabated. Victoria University climate scientist Professor Roger Jones has calculated that if the rest of the world did not act and Australia reduced emissions until 2020, then did nothing else, Australia's policy would knock 0.0038 degrees off the global temperature rise by 2100.

It is now time for the Coalition to abandon their  me-too Climate targets and get some sanity into the debate. 

Julia - A Politically Incorrect Look!

I can't remember a similar satirical show about a sitting PM- skits yes, but a four part comedy series?  The fact that the object of the satire may not be PM by the end of the series may not have been foreseen by the producers but the current leadership headlines will  certainly give the ratings a lift!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Demonisation of Climate Sceptics

The movement to brand climate sceptics as something unclean and abnormal was given new impetus when Al Gore likened scepticism to racism and suggests people should tell sceptics "Don't talk that way around me."
Of course extreme religious fundamentalists say " God says it, I believe it and that settles it." and it not surprising to see the Warmist religion adopting a similar mindless approach, one recommended by the failed prophet Al Gore.
Al Gore must be desperate. He wants skeptics, critics, and deniers of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming  equated with racists.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Country's in the Very Best of Hands

With the Malaysia refugee solution now in tatters following a High court decision against it the Gillard Government is in deep trouble on a number of fronts. After her carbon tax lie Gillard  has hypocritically accused the Chief judge of having one view before his elevation and another afterwards . There are very serious moves afoot to replace Gillard but it will probably not make much difference if the toxic policies remain. A proposed cabinet reshuffle will only be re-arranging the deckchairs on Labor's Titanic. Meanwhile Lil Abner has a relevant comment on the current political situation - Canberra looking very much like Dogpatch at the moment!