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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Demonisation of Climate Sceptics

The movement to brand climate sceptics as something unclean and abnormal was given new impetus when Al Gore likened scepticism to racism and suggests people should tell sceptics "Don't talk that way around me."
Of course extreme religious fundamentalists say " God says it, I believe it and that settles it." and it not surprising to see the Warmist religion adopting a similar mindless approach, one recommended by the failed prophet Al Gore.
Al Gore must be desperate. He wants skeptics, critics, and deniers of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming  equated with racists.

Brendan O'Neill has more on the subject:

HAS any intellectual current ever been so disparaged and demonised, so ferociously harangued by the chattering classes, as climate-change scepticism?
Every slur in the book has been hurled at those who dare to question climate-change orthodoxies.
They've been compared to Holocaust deniers. They've been branded psychologically disordered. They only use their "reptilian brain", says one eco-author, which means their outlook on climate change is not "modulated by logic, reason or reflective thought", Al Gore says.
And now, putting the icing on this cake of abuse, Gore has compared climate-change sceptics to racists.
In a recent interview he likened his present globetrotting war against climate change with his involvement in the American civil rights movement of the 1960s.
Just as he and his buddies used to challenge racist chatter by saying to people, "Why do you talk that way? Don't talk that way around me", he says green-leaning folk must now do the same when they encounter nasty low-lifes who question climate change.

The green movement is not content with arguing that its opponents are wrong. It wants to brand them as twisted, sinister and pernicious, spouting words that actually harm other people and society itself. In their determination to denude climate-change scepticism of any decency, greens ape every arch censor throughout history, from Torquemada to Joseph McCarthy, who likewise depicted certain people's ideas as a mortal threat to the social fabric.
The most striking thing about Gore's equation of dissent from climate-change orthodoxy with racism is the way it allows him to argue that such dissent should have no place in everyday social interaction.
He wants to make climate-change scepticism as disgusting as saying the N-word; he wants to deny the oxygen of respectability to an intellectual current he disagrees with.
So he calls on greens to "change the national conversation" by taking a tip from old civil rights activists: whenever you meet someone proffering climate sceptical ideas, you should immediately say, "Don't talk that way around me."
He's effectively calling for the subtle expulsion of climate sceptics from polite society, from the dinner-party circuit, from the media, so that nobody is forced to endure their apparently hateful ideas.
Gore isn't the first person to compare climate-change scepticism with racism.
Earlier this year John Beddington, Britain's chief scientific adviser, said that just as we are "grossly intolerant of racism", so we should also be "grossly intolerance of pseudoscience", including the alleged pseudoscience of climate-change scepticism.
In demanding "gross intolerance" of certain forms of scientific thinking, Beddington explicitly reveals the end result of comparing climate-change sceptics with racists: it allows you to argue that their ideas should not be tolerated in decent society.
Just as any of us would get angry if we heard someone making racist gibes and would feel inclined to tell them to "shut the hell up", apparently we should do the same with climate-change sceptics. Don't engage with them, don't debate them; just say, "Don't talk that way around me."

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