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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Energy utopia is nearly here!

Queensland is well on the way to energy utopia where no one pays for their electric power with an incredible 26000 applications for solar meters in April and May 2011 compared with 6000 total for last year.When all Queensland households have solar power most homes will be getting their power for nothing or very little - a sort of perpetual electricity machine invented by the Government. Power stations which will still have to supply the great majority of power will of course have to run at zero cost as there will be almost no domestic electricity charges to pay them. There will be a problem for the last house to get solar panels because under the current scheme until they are connected they will be asked to pay for powering every other home in Queensland. Meanwhile those consumers who have been prevented from ripping off their neighbours by the tardiness of Energex in installing bi-directional meters are angry at delays  claiming they are losing (their neighbours) money. The recent incoming NSW government found a 1.8 billion dollar unfunded liability with a similar scheme but the intellectual midgets running Queensland will be able to manage a much greater figure in this age of the death of reason.

MORE than 6000 households with new solar systems are losing money while they wait months for Energex to install meters.
In another sign that Queensland is struggling to cope with the green revolution, residents have voiced anger at delays in getting "smart meters" that measure the value of their surplus power.
This follows Saturday's report in The Courier-Mail that the state's antiquated electricity network was failing to handle the surge in solar systems.
The State Government confirmed applications were being rejected in areas where the high uptake threatened the safety and reliability of the grid.
Sunshine Coast resident Sandra Koehler had a standard 1.5kW system installed in June and said she was still waiting for the meter that would help her save on power bills.
"With an outlay of $4000 and much encouragement from the Government about going green, this is disappointing to say the least," she said.

Ms Koehler was not alone, with The Courier-Mail yesterday contacted by dozens in a similar position.
Energex spokesman Mike Swanston said the backlog in installing meters had been created by high demand for solar systems. He said applications peaked at more than 26,000 in April and May alone - the same number as the total for all of 2010.
"Approximately 6000 people are waiting for new meters but we expect to be able to attend to the vast majority of these within 30 days.
"Even without a meter being changed, customers are gaining the immediate benefit of reduced energy bills as soon as the system is turned on."
However, any exported energy is either not measured or (in most cases) reversing the meter and yielding the equivalent of 21 cents per kilowatt-hour.
As the State Government offers 44 cents per kilowatt-hour, this means households are losing out and Energex said it would consider all requests for compensation from customers on a case-by-case basis.


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