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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally, a Real Australian Vision!

Tony Abbott has revealed a visionary look at Australia's future with a proposed creation of a food bowl in Northern Australia using dams to provide water and irrigation. The Greens will ferociously oppose any new dams and subsequent development no matter how beneficial it is for the country. With Australia so dependent on mining income and unable to compete with China in manufacturing it is a logical move to develop food production where we already compete internationally and have a sustainable competitive advantage with the amount of arable land available if water is made available. After all the crazy "green" plans promoted by the current disastrous government this new project is a breath of fresh air dispelling in an instant the negative image Labor has been cultivating around Tony Abbott.
rivers coalition dam map
THE Coalition is developing an ambitious plan to double Australia's agricultural production by the middle of the century through a network of new dams in the Top End, which would open up millions of hectares of under-utilised land to food production.

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