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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Global Carbon Tax on fuels is just what we need!

Are these people living on another planet where the economy is not collapsing and all is rosy?
The World Bank and the IMF are completely out of their trees in proposing a new carbon tax on fuel in the current economic meltdown. It would be another blow to western economies which are strangling themselves in regulations and taxes imposed by an increasingly socialist world.

The World Bank and IMF are proposing global carbon taxes on aviation and ship fuels in developed economies - including Australia - to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, according to a draft proposal seen by AFP on Friday.
The proposal suggests an international charge on aviation and maritime bunker fuels of $US25 per ton of CO2, which it said would "reduce CO2 emissions from each sector by around five to 10 per cent".
Such a charge, if implemented well, could also bring in $A256.86 billion in taxes in 2020, according to the report, which focuses on how funds to fight climate change can be mobilised.
The world needs less taxes ,less government and more capitalist growth to get  out of current mess.
We have to stop trying to give everyone a bigger slice of the cake and concentrate on making a much bigger cake. The faceless un-elected bureaucrats in these world organisations must be stopped from implementing this crazy tax.



  1. No taxation without representation! When are the IMF elections?

  2. This just reeks of how the EU ( as the russians call it the "European Soviet" - and they would know ) changing laws by using unelected bureaucrats to make laws that strangle business.

    The IMF = EU = UN = Coummunism.

    I recall seeing an interview with a British MEP who said quite plainly they existed mostly as window dressing to vote on legislation that was put up by faceless bureacrats. In other word s- they were just told to turn up, vote and then go home. They as MEPs dont actually have any power.

    The UN is the EU writ large, so world wide socialism here we come....it will literally become Hell on earth.

    P redict ( eventually ) blood in the streets. I hope I am wrong but I doubt I am.

    A sad day for humanity if these Godless drones eventually wind up running the planet with Big Oil, Big Pharma controlling energy and our food supply - slam dunk. The only way to win is become self sufficient for food, power and transport.

    It will get hidesouly ugly before this lot are removed forcibly from power.