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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leader of EU Basketcase Approves of our Carbon Tax!

The European Commission leader Jose Barosso  approves of Australia's carbon tax and praised Gillard for putting a price on emissions. With impeccable credentials to give advice the former Maoist leader of the Portuguese Communist party and former Prime Minister of basket-case country Portugal is now President of the EU, a ragtag bunch  of bankrupt or near bankrupt countries trying to export their failed policies to gullible pollies overseas.
Of course Julia Gillard is proud to have her photo opportunity with this man given the convergence of their political ideologies and economy destroying policies.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard shakes hands with the President of the European Commission Mr Jose Barroso. (AAP)
European Commission leader Jose Manuel Barroso praised Australia's controversial plans to introduce a carbon price to combat climate change, saying it was an "important step".

At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Canberra, Barroso welcomed the divisive levy, which has driven thousands to attend anti-carbon tax rallies and call for new general elections.
"Australia's decision to put a price on carbon emissions is in our view an important step both environmentally and economically," he said.
"Because it is in our European experience the most cost efficient way to reduce emissions and also a great green business opportunity."
Barroso said Australia and Europe could now work together for a global climate regime.
Ahead of her election, Gillard said there would be no carbon tax under a government she led but she later backtracked, saying a fixed levy was needed before the scheme moved to a market-based emissions trading model.
The policy about-face has prompted calls for the Labor leader's resignation, and seen thousands take to public rallies to denounce the tax set to be levied on major polluters from mid-2012.


  1. "Things that make you go mmm".

    Amazing, what planet are these people on.

  2. great comment. Really shows what a slave to the nutcase green left Gillard has become. So desperate to be PM, she'll sell anything - even her country.