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Friday, September 23, 2011

More Unsolicited Advice from the Rich and Famous to Gullible Followers!

Celebrities have launched a global I AM campaign to educate people about global warmingand tell them how to live . Green technologies are good even if they double the cost of power - who gives a sh*t if you are earning millions of dollars. If Granny can't afford it and freezes - well, there are too many people anyway. Of course these people do their bit for the environment with great publicity stunts like running the private jet on dandelion oil or having the help wash the Roller with enviro-friendly suds.
James Cameron's House

You can be sure that the 50 room mansion is lit by eco-friendly bulbs and all the staff have instructions to turn the lights off to reduce the carbon footprint of these role models for us common mortals.

Global Warming USA has kicked off its latest campaign, called "I AM," to raise awareness of the dangers associated with global warming. Actors, athletes and musicians taking part include Mark Ruffalo, Serena Williams, Orlando Bloom, James Cameron, Adrian Grenier, Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon and others.
“One of the biggest risks we face with global warming is rising sea levels, which threaten our coastal cities where nearly half the American population lives,” said Global Green President and CEO Matt Petersen. “We must demand that our leaders invest in green technologies and green jobs at the local level where many of the solutions to climate change can and must be implemented.”


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