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Friday, September 30, 2011

Today's Solar Dream to Become Tomorrow's Nightmare!

Queensland now has 107,000 homes getting a free solar ride on their neighbours with guaranteed feed-in tariffs mandated until 2028. The rest of the community will be paying for these "green" freeloaders for another 17 years unless a future government acts to protect the majority of consumers. The problems with solar panels apart from those above, are now becoming obvious even to people with the limited intellect of our Queensland politicians. Our electricity grid is sensibly not designed to have un-needed power fed back to the grid and transformer saturation has now become a major problem. To counter this no more than 30% of consumers in an area will be able to install panels which is small comfort to the other 70% footing the bill.
All these solar panels and the transfer of money from the solar panel have-nots to the solar panel haves will not reduce one iota the requirement for fossil-fueled power stations .

THE solar power revolution is in danger of stalling, with the State Government admitting the electricity grid is failing to cope with its green vision.
Energy Minister Stephen Robertson confirmed new applications for rooftop solar systems were being rejected in areas where Queensland's high uptake threatened the safety and reliability of its network.

Thousands of homeowners hoping for promised power savings of up to $540 via a 1.5kW system are in limbo, with those wanting larger systems even being asked to pay more than $20,000 to help cover local upgrades.

Energex said the state's electricity network since the 1950s had been designed to deliver power from the station to the home and the voltage now heading "the other way" was causing a huge dilemma.

Following advice from engineering experts, no more systems will be automatically approved when the penetration of solar photovoltaic systems hits 30 per cent in neighbourhoods.

The penetration refers to the maximum capacity of the transformer supplying the local zone, which can include 50 homes.

In a bid to cut power bills, more than 107,000 Queensland households have jumped at the Solar Bonus Scheme, launched in 2008, exporting 72.5 million kW hours back to the grid.

However, unless significant, costly upgrades are completed, many who might want to add solar panels in the future may not be able to.

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  1. That's the problem if non-technical politicians with vested interests make decisions on important technical issues like these incentives. It's going to happen again in the US when politicians decide on SOPA and PIPA which would restrict the internet.