"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Failed UK wind experiment should be a precautionary lesson for all!

 The presentation of the Carbon Tax bills to Parliament  was an opportunity for Julia  Gillard to prattle on ad nauseum about "clean energy" and the glorious future facing the  Australian people with all the jobs and opportunities the clean energy revolution was going to generate (unfortunately in China) using Chinese wind generators and Chinese solar panels. I thought that as Great Britain had a great number of wind generators in service it would be worth checking the quantity and quality of the energy supplied to the grid  from data supplied from the regulator.

As of July 2011, there were 306 operational wind farms in the UK, with 3,411 turbines and 5,738 MW of installed capacity. Any intelligent observer would see from the graph immediately that the average power generated is only a small fraction of the nameplate 5700 MW, and therefore would not power the thousands of homes usually claimed ,while as an energy source wind generation is obviously completely unreliable.   Looking at the generation graph you would not power a fish and chips shop reliably from wind let alone a national electricity grid especially given the propensity of wind generation to be absent when it is most needed in the coldest weather. 

Wind Generation Great Britain - Megawatts

Comparing the output of 3411 wind turbines against system load it is easy to see that the pitiful and erratic wind contribution should never be used as part of the energy mix of a modern economy given also the high cost and environmental damage they cause.

Total Great Britain Grid Load vs 4411 Turbine Wind Output

 Unfortunately the collective insanity that drives energy policy in the UK has now spread to our fair country with 10 billion dollars earmarked for "green energy"  by the gormless Gillard and her unpopular government .


  1. $10b ... pah! Chicken feed. Our idiots are throwing £100b at this nonsense.

    Oh well, at least we won the Ashes.

  2. It is sad when we are debating which of our countries are governed by the biggest idiots not the beat cricketers. You are right but give Labor a bit of time and I am sure they will be able to narrow the gap.