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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The warmist Age scores an own goal!

By running a poll to have "climate experts"answer the most popular reader's questions on Global Warming the Age has been forced to answer the number one question which is just the one they did not want as it exposes the whole scam!
The very point of Australia's carbon tax is to reduce global warming. How much will reducing 5% of Australia's around 1.5% contribution of global CO2 emissions reduce global temperature by? If the amount is negligible (which it is), then given the present economic turbulence, what is the probability of Australia's carbon tax inspiring major emitters like USA, China and India to make ACTUAL cuts to their C02 emissions (as opposed to mere carbon intensity) and economic growth?

 The answer of course is that the CO2 reduction will reduce global temperatures by effectively nothing and the Age had to give that answer. Of course the correct answer was followed by a raft of alarmist gobbledygook about "inspiring the world" by being the first lemming over the cliff even though the rest of the world is behaving in a most un-lemming-like manner and not following.

The first part of Fong's question is not as easy as it seems because scientists talk of a range of temperature rises that are possible if emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere continue unabated. Victoria University climate scientist Professor Roger Jones has calculated that if the rest of the world did not act and Australia reduced emissions until 2020, then did nothing else, Australia's policy would knock 0.0038 degrees off the global temperature rise by 2100.

It is now time for the Coalition to abandon their  me-too Climate targets and get some sanity into the debate. 

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