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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Would a turkey vote for Thanksgiving?

Rob Oakshott , who is as popular as the bubonic plague in the conservative electorate he betrayed, has pompously threatened to "review" his position if the ALP changes leader. I have never heard such BS in my life. The ALP is a leaky lifeboat but it will keep him employed only while it is Government and not one minute more. For Oakshott the choice is an ALP Government or the ranks of the unemployed as he is now unelectable. With his balance of power position  supporting the Gillard government, Oakshott with fellow independent Tony Windsor has the ability to take the down the government - power which has given him an undeserved and unearned soap-box for his views.

INDEPENDENT MP Rob Oakeshott says any move to replace Julia Gillard as prime minister would cause him to reflect on his support for the minority Labor government.
The warning comes amid renewed speculation over the Labor leadership and an assurance by Greens Leader Brown that his minority government deal with the party would survive a change of prime minister.
Mr Oakeshott said Ms Gillard was central to his support for Labor as the “sole negotiator” with the crossbenchers after last year's cliffhanger election.
“I think, obviously, if they make any change of leadership that is a point of reflection for myself and other crossbenchers,” Mr Oakeshott told Sky News.
“You consider all your options and you are well within your rights to do so.”

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