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Monday, October 31, 2011

Canadian Foreign Minister shoots down case for Carbon tax

One of the fundamental tenets of the Labor government's argument for a carbon tax is that it will be part of a global market allowing carbon indulgences to be traded. Unfortunately for Gillard and her crew of carbonistas the Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird from a party which stood for election opposing such an impost on his country , has stated that there will be no carbon tax in Canada or the US in the foreseeable future. This means that all the major emitters such as the US, China, India and Japan will not be swapping carbon paper credits with the Aussies leaving us up sh*t creek without a paddle if we continue with a carbon tax.

CANADIAN Foreign Minister John Baird has cast doubt on the fundamental analysis underpinning Australia's carbon tax policy, saying neither his nation nor the US would ever introduce an emissions trading scheme.
While avoiding any criticism of the Gillard government, Mr Baird told The Australian he did not believe any effective carbon-trading system would come into effect.
The ability to trade greenhouse gas emissions, or carbon credits, is central to the Australian government's carbon tax.
Under Labor's scheme, Australia's greenhouse gas emissions would continue to rise but the nation would achieve its carbon reduction targets by purchasing credits on an international scheme.
Mr Baird said he did not believe Canada would introduce a carbon tax or an ETS.
"The people of Canada spoke unequivocally about that at the last election," he said.
Mr Baird's conservative government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, won an absolute majority in the Canadian parliament for the first time by advocating a policy of no-carbon tax and no ETS.
"I think there's only one member of parliament who advocates it, and that's the lone Greens member," Mr Baird said.
He also does not believe the US will introduce either a carbon tax or an ETS: "I think even President (Barack) Obama has conceded that when he had massive majorities in the house and the Senate, he couldn't get it passed.
"The chances of anything comprehensive coming out of the congress is not likely."
Mr Baird was at pains not to comment on or criticise the Gillard government in any way.
However, his comments are devastating for the Gillard government's proposed scheme, because if the US and Canada do not go down a market road for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, it is impossible that anything remotely resembling a global market could emerge.
Even more devastating is Mr Baird's judgment that carbon-trading schemes are inherently unreal and non-productive.


  1. The fact you have labelled Mr Baird as Canadian Prime Minister AND Foreign Minister says a lot about the importance you place on addressing the facts. Mr Baird is the Foreign Minister for the record.
    Maybe some simple fact checking, something that is so bereft in denialist blogs, might go a long way?

  2. Thx for the correction- my mistake. With all the money I am getting from Big Oil I should make sure it is right. However the story that the Global carbon market is not going to happen is not changing no matter who the Canadian spokesman is and you might want to do some fact checking on that yourself.

  3. "Global Carbon Market" . . . too funny.

    Only Warmongers would fall for that con game.

  4. The fundamental question is: what's the point of a tax on Australians which everyone agrees will not have the slightest effect on the climate?

    But Juliar Dullard is going to hit us with it regardless of that fact and the fact that the vast majority of Australians reject it.

    The Labor Party can contemplate what the word 'democracy' means during their many years in opposition after we've elected them out of office the moment we get our chance.

  5. I think Gillard is on the right track with this carbon tax. The next election is about 2 years away I think, that gives them just enough time to get the tax in place and use the revenues to start paying Australians their carbon offsets. Once people become accustomed to receiving carbon payments they won't vote for anyone who threatens to take them away. This in effect will buy votes for Gillard. Free money always buys votes.

  6. I just cannot agree with your comments anonymous. Take a look at all of the freebies the government dished out under their stimulus package, including cash payments, pink batts and what have you and then consider what has happened in the polls since then.
    The electorate is clearly far better informed these days, given the nature of modern communication and the speed at which information can be broadly disseminated almost overnight, so it is unlikely to be influenced by cynical measures like the carbon tax which takes with one hand and gives back with the other in move designed to do nothing more than redistribute wealth.
    As we all realise, it will certainly contribute nothing to the reduction of carbon, which in itself is an exercise in futility, given the harmless nature of CO2.

  7. Fred said...

    "'Global Carbon Market' . . . too funny.

    "Only Warmongers would fall for that con game."

    Warmongers, including the world's at one-time most dangerous dullard and all-time first Global Carbon Market Billionaire, Al-Fredo Gore-leone, OWN the so-called "Global Carbon Market."

    Ask Malcolm Turnbull, why doncha?

    Brian Richard Allen
    Lost Angels - Califobamacated 90028
    And The Very Far Abroad