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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dumping Toxic Carbon Tax could save Labor!

A new Galaxy poll reveals that one third of voters would be more likely to support Labor if they dumped the carbon tax. Dumping Gillard for Rudd would also improve electoral support but the Labor brand is so damaged now that it will be difficult for it to recover before the next election.

ONE third of voters say they would be more likely to support Labor if the Government dumped its plans for a carbon tax.
In a warning to Prime Minister Julia Gillard only weeks before she plans to push the tax through Parliament, an exclusive Galaxy poll for The Courier-Mail suggests Labor could turn around its collapse in support if it backs down on its plans.
Only 14 per cent of voters said they would be less inclined to vote for Labor if it scrapped the scheme.
The national poll - which surveyed 500 people last Tuesday and Wednesday nights - also found almost 70 per cent of voters thought that Labor would have a better chance of winning the next election if former prime minister Kevin Rudd was restored as leader.
It also recorded widespread opposition to Ms Gillard's border protection plans, with only 14 per cent of voters backing her strategy of trying to press ahead with the doomed asylum-seeker deal with Malaysia.
The findings cast new doubt on key items on Ms Gillard's agenda, but also suggest that Labor could rebuild support by back-tracking on its unpopular climate change and asylum-seeker policies.
But any move to shelve the carbon tax could risk Labor losing the backing of the Greens as well as key independents who helped design the scheme and who prop up Ms Gillard's minority Government.
And a change could also risk a voter backlash similar to the one experienced by Mr Rudd after he deferred his original plans for an emissions trading scheme.
But the poll suggests 32 per cent of voters would accept a backdown and would be more likely to support Labor.
This latest survey is another blow to the Prime Minister, who is already facing damaging speculation that her leadership is under threat.
Labor's primary vote has plummeted to record lows under Ms Gillard.

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  1. I always had the idea that in a democracy, the people in government were there to carry out the wishes of the people who elected them. Who the hell do Gillard and her puppet-master Brown think they are?