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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Judas Kiss

Julia Gillard kisses Kevin Rudd

Mortal political enemies Gillard and Rudd share an uncomfortable  kiss after the passing of the Carbon Tax legislation. A year ago Gillard knifed Rudd to take over the leadership and now Rudd is poised to return the favor!
Meanwhile Joe Hockey , shadow treasurer, says that Labor will have to rethink it's stand on the tax repeal if the Coalition achieves a large majority. Traditionally in Australia oppositions do not oppose legislation for which there is a clear mandate.

A DEFEATED Labor Party would be forced to rethink its support for a carbon tax in the face of a significant hit to its parliamentary numbers, the Coalition declared today, as it again vowed to repeal the scheme in government.
Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said just as the Coalition had accepted Kevin Rudd's mandate to repeal Work Choices, an election loss would force Labor to reconsider the merits of the carbon tax.
“If their numbers are halved, it changes the focus of the mind,” Mr Hockey told ABC Radio.
“The Labor Party needs to have very clear in their minds that you cannot get away with introducing a carbon tax by lying to the Australian people. It's just unacceptable.”
Mr Hockey said the Coalition would repeal the carbon tax, no matter how hard the task.
“The mountain becomes more challenging as each day passes, but we are determined to repeal this,” he said.


  1. I used to be a Labor-voting unionist but after this lunatic autocratic government I'll never vote Labor again. Now that I've seen what happens when Greens get a taste of power, I'll never vote for them either. I loathe Abbott and Hockey and could never vote for a government with them in it, so maybe I'll just vote for Mickey Mouse in future.

  2. Fred, you have raised an issue that shows the defect in the compulsory voting system. The problem is that when people are forced to vote they often end up voting for the best of a bad lot. Of course the elected politicians then take this vote as a form of approval.

    I say that it is time that politicians are forced to be accountable to the people and not to the glory of their job. We have more than one prima donna in the current parliament.

    Perhaps we should revisit the idea of citizen initiated referenda? We need some method of removing a bad government. Thank God we don't have 5 year terms as in Britain.

  3. As they say in Canberra, hear hear!!