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Monday, October 17, 2011

Labor Languishes in Polls

Gillard Abbott HallAnother day and another disastrous poll for the Gillard Government. A new Galaxy poll now has the Coalition with a huge 58 per cent to 42 per cent lead two-party preferred. The Coalition now has a 51 per cent primary vote with Labor stuck at 29 per cent. The gloss seems to be coming off Rudd as alternative leader dropping 7 per cent in two weeks.

TONY Abbott would be handed an overwhelming mandate to abolish the carbon tax if the coalition won the next election and he became the prime minister.
A clear majority of voters, 60 per cent, believe the Opposition Leader would have the electoral and moral authority to repeal the tax.

With the government's asylum seeker policy also in disarray, the Coalition's primary vote has now soared to a crushing 51 per cent, according to a Galaxy poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph.

It is the largest primary vote the coalition has enjoyed in any poll since 1996 - when John Howard defeated Paul Keating - with Labor now stuck at a morale-sapping 29 per cent.

The devastating figures suggest the government's jubilation over the passage of its carbon tax through the lower house last week has backfired.

And that its bungled handling of its proposed changes to the Migration Act to stop boat arrivals has stalled any recovery that Julia Gillard may have hoped for

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  1. Can't Dullard and Labor's faceless backroom men see the parallel between the current situation and what preceded Labor being severely wiped out in NSW last March?

    We the electorate are just restlessly waiting for our chance to show Juliar and the rest what we think of their contempt for the democratic process and us. That self-congratulatory kiss was the last straw.