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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Would Have to Be Nuts to Get Involved!

The World's Greatest Treasurer is off his trolley if he thinks Australia should get involved in the Eurozone mess.
Wayne Swan is reported to be discussing ways that resources can be made available to assist the Euro debacle.
The UK is now congratulating itself on not joining the Euro club and those who jeered at the decision now have egg on their faces. The European Parliament exercises power without real electoral responsibility and now is reaping the rewards of trying to balance the books for a gaggle of social welfare states living beyond  their means. The Europeans nations are all  big boys now and the damage to the European economy is self-inflicted.
The EU with it's growth of central regulation will continue to retard economic growth in the same way as the old USSR did and it seems we have learnt little from the collapse of Eastern Communism.
The Greeks have been having one long Xmas party for the last ten years on the Euro credit card and are now asking Germany to save them. Run like hell is my advice!

Treasurer Wayne Swan has indicated a preparedness to discuss how Australia can assist the ailing European economy.
Speaking in Paris ahead of the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting, Mr Swan was bailed up by foreign media in his hotel lobby on Friday, the same day he was due to meet with IMF managing director Christine Lagarde.

"I think a number of finance ministers have indicated a willingness to discuss, as part of the agenda here (in Paris), ways that resources can be made available to the IMF to further assist European countries respond to the issues," Mr Swan told reporters.

Remaining silent about his bilateral talks on Friday which included meetings with Ms Lagarde, French Finance Minister Francois Baroin and Indian Finance Minister Pranab Muhkerjee, Mr Swan said he had seen evidence of improvement in Europe's economy.


  1. Foreign aid to prop up the failed socialist Europe, bloody brilliant (btw your link broken).

  2. Thx Fred Nerk - link is now working.

  3. Thanks Baron. :)

    As for Mr Swan, apparently he's pretty competent as treasurers go, but he's tarred with the Juliar Dullard brush and the Labor brand so he's got little credibility or respect at home.

    It'll be decades before the voting public forget just how bad this government was before it was resoundingly thrown out.

  4. Don't give them a cent!
    It will only postpone and make worse the eventual EU collapse.

    Incidentally, the European Parliament doesn't "wield power". Its function is basically to advise and consent to proposals made by the unelected EU Commission which has the sole power of proposing the making or repeal of laws.

    Even if it had power, it could not be a real parliament because there is no EU nation or people - but French, Germans, Italians, Greeks etc and, unfortunately. British, who are all getting more and more fed up with the EU and of being locked in it together.
    Edward Spalton
    Vice Chairman - Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB)