"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Climate Commission Fearmongering!

The World's Greatest Treasurer yesterday announced budget cuts for a lot of areas but there was one obvious bunch of incompetents he missed!
The Australian Climate Commission says that death rates from heat waves COULD (the magic scammers word) rise to 8000 or more per year an increase of 2000 or so from 1990 figures. 
When Melbourne endured three days with temperatures above 43 degrees in 2009, 980 people died - 374 more than the average number - and in the 2004 Brisbane heatwave, the average rate of death rose 23 per cent.

Heatwaves have always happened and these bald statistics do not detail the morbidity of those who died and how many would die anyway . If there was an increase in temperature which does not seem likely at the moment then deaths from cold would decrease tenfold compared to heat-related deaths.No figures are quoted for improvements in cold death rates but it is interesting to note that this improvement is in the very populous states whereas heat deaths are greatest in the least populous. Also omitted is the deaths related to unaffordable electricity to keep pensioners cool - these can be attributed to global warming policy!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UK - Another Billion pounds still available for crazy projects!

 The UK has nothing better to do with a billion pounds than to use it to pump a harmless gas underground - a theory which has not worked anywhere in practice. This is obviously a much better investment than hospitals,schools , roads and all the other silly things unenlightened governments in the past used to worry about before the insidious carbon dioxide scare. Those who can't get hospital treatment can take comfort in all that nasty CO2 being temporarily pumped underground knowing that a microscopic change in temperature trumps a life-saving heart operation any time ! Proper priorities must be maintained at all times.After all is said and done it is not real money  but borrowed, and  you can always borrow more- can't you?

The government was forced to reassure the carbon capture and storage industry on Monday after comments from the Treasury appeared to cast doubt on the future of £1bn funding for the technology.
Danny Alexander appeared to suggest money set aside for CCS could be subsumed into general infrastructure spending. But the Department of Energy and Climate Change moved to calm fears, insisting £1bn was still available from the government to fund pioneering CCS projects.
The comments by Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the Treasury and Liberal Democrat MP, came as energy-intensive and high carbon emitting industries looked forward to finding out what exemptions they could expect from the government's carbon regulations. Details of the concessions – which come despite a massive fall in the price of carbon permits – are expected to be unveiled on Tuesday.
The £1bn fund for CCS, to be awarded to the winner of a competition that has been running for nearly five years, is considered the last hope for developing CCS technology in the UK as promises of other government assistance – such as a levy on energy bills to subsidise the high initial costs of the low-carbon technology – were withdrawn.

Disaster- Global Warming causes smaller tits!

It also causes smaller turtles,frogs,deer and mini polar bears according to the latest research passed off as science.

A Pair of Great Tits

Over the past century, several types of animals, including turtles, tits, frogs or deers are becoming increasingly smaller.

The decrease of Arctic glaciers in recent years has led to considerable smaller polar bears. Because their environment is shrinking they must adapt and become smaller so they will survive in the future but the scientists are not sure if the polar bears can keep up with the accelerated pollution and they might face extinction.

Reduction of food reserves will affect especially the animals that are at the top of the food chain, including people who in the future will be increasingly smaller, will have fewer children and more vulnerable to disease.

In the last century, global average temperature has increased by almost one degree (Celsius), but after increasing industrialization scientists believe that around year 2100 the average temperature will be 7 degrees higher than today and this mean an mass extinction of animals and plants and possible humans.

A separate study conducted over 1700 species of plants and animals, proved that 80% of them moved their living area with 6.1 kilometers north every ten years and 87% bloom or begin the mating season two days earlier each decade.

Experimental studies have found that for every degree (Celsius) above the global average temperature, the plants lose about 17% of their size and the fish are becoming about 22% smaller.

As a retired nurseryman I can say that a one degree increase in temperature will make plants grow faster and larger not smaller and  moving plants to a warmer greenhouse is done for that reason. I don't know why people bother printing this crap.

Murray-Darling Plan - Dam is a dirty word!

The Murray-Darling plan makes little sense to anyone with all parties unhappy to various degrees but none of them really looking at the problem logically. In the new management plan the provision of new dams is not mentioned but in a country where the droughts are followed by floods anyone with a modicum of intelligence would think that water storage should be a number one priority. The urban green view  that if we stop the farmers then the river will always flow is a complete myth as historically before large-scale irrigation the Murray regularly became a string of waterholes in drought times. In 2007 a plan was proposed to dam the Mole river which would allow release of water in dry times to the Murray system and I think the 9 billion dollars allocated would be wisely spent in increasing this kind of storage as suggested by the NSW Farmers Federation.

Potential for new dam sites and upgrades
Following the recent and widespread flooding that has occurred throughout much of the Murray Darling 
Basin (and beyond); discussion has understandably shifted to dams and their potential for flood 
mitigation.  The leader of the Federal Opposition, the Hon Tony Abbott, recently announced the 
establishment of a Coalition Dams and Water Management Task Group to consider this issue in greater 
detail.  This Task Group has called for submissions from interested parties by the 27th of May 2011, with 
the Association being approached as a key stakeholder in this discussion. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

UK Fury over a billion pounds down the Global Warming Gurgler!

With the UK fighting to stay off a financial default list including Greece, Italy and Ireland  it is amazing the Government  is able to pony up a billion pounds for slurry pits in South Africa and insuring farmers there against flood and drought. The struggling voters think it is amazing also that a Government borrowing 4 billion pounds a week can afford this and that maybe charity begins at home! Why is it that when we elect someone they immediately become financial nincompoops and can't comprehend the simple fact that the European disease is caused by  spending what you don't have and haven't earned -the Euro Ponzi scheme - it collapses when the music stops and no one will lend you any more money.

FRESH outrage erupted yesterday over the cost of details of the aid package overseas aid after it emerged that Britain is to stump up £1billion to help African countries fight climate change.
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne will spearhead the megadeal that will see taxpayers shelling out for projects to help farmers insure their crops against flooding and drought.

Other schemes include installing solar power in villages and building slurry pits that can produce gas to power generators.

The move will infuriate millions of hard-pressed taxpayers trying to make ends meet. South Africa, the most economically advanced in the continent, is one of the continent, it is one of the countries to receive the handout.

Last year, its economy grew by 2.8 per cent while Britain's grew by just 1.8 per cent.

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom said: It is inconceivable that the Government feels able to spend money on climate change in Africa when its austerity measures at home are causing such pain. If we have the money then we should spend it here.” Mr Huhne is expected to announce details of the aid package ahead of talks at a United Nations summit on climate change in Durban, South Africa, which starts this week.

Canadians Not Happy!

The Canadians have been copping heaps from the enviro-nut lobby over their oil-sands industry and the Toronto Sun strikes back over the Climate Cranks Convention always held in sunny climes during the Northern winter .Durban is  this year's destination for the 10,000 or so bureaucratic fat-cats, grandstanding pollies , climate parasites of every description  and the usual Hollywood hypocrites with their private jets!
There are more freeloaders in Durban at the moment than fleas on a mangy dog and taxpayers around the world are paying for it.
This is the annual United Nations get-together to talk about reducing our carbon footprint, which means using less fuel.

Of course the best way to do that is for thousands of very important bureaucrats, diplomats, Greenpeace fundraisers and politicians to jet from all over the world to South Africa. The only place further away by jet would be Antarctica, but that would miss the point — to give their global warmists a free sun vacation in winter.

They went to Cancun last year. They’ve been to exotic retreats like Bali and Marrakech. They get to see their friends every year at another five-star resort, all paid for by you and me.

This annual five-star party has been going on for nearly 20 years.

It got started in Rio in 1992. It moved to Kyoto, Japan in 1997.

If those cities sound familiar it’s because global warming treaties are named after these meetings. Between gourmet meals and tax-paid massages, these bureaucrats and diplomats cook up new taxes and treaties. Like the Kyoto Protocol, which would have forced you and me to pay more for fuel.

If these global warm-mongers wanted to reduce fuel use, couldn’t they meet by Skype, or by conference call, instead of jetting to Durban or Cancun?

Just kidding. Then they couldn’t go to the beach.

Combet Looking to Link up with Bankrupt countries for carbon trading!

Gullible Greg Combet is in Durban and looking to link carbon schemes with countries such as Europe and California both of which are effectively bankrupt from financial ineptitude and from expending huge sums of money on the global warming scam. Labor's crew should feel right at home with the other incompetents. To fool Combet and his dopey allies the inscrutable Chinese have said they will do "something " in the future but it will be all show and no pony as the Chinese are much smarter than our lot. Combet can expect lots of applause from the Hollywood glitterati arriving by private CO2-spewing  jets  for his "courageous " decision to leap into taxing carbon when everyone else was deserting it .

Friday, November 25, 2011

Carbon is now a dirty word!

Reuters has the story of the Carbon Market and Investor's Association changing it's name to Climate Markets and Investors Association which probably has a lot to do with the carbon market in free-fall in Europe and elsewhere and repeated stories of massive fraud are probably not helping. Sceptics can only hope that the carbon credits are starting to be seen for what they are - worthless pieces of paper . European price is now 7.8euros compared to the $23.00 price set for Aussies to pay by our government of dimwits!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everyone's a Loser with the Mining Tax

Allan Kohler on the ABC Drum comments on the debacle of the Mining Tax that was finally passed after  the Independents and Greens had been suitably bribed to vote for the  flawed legislation. While I have gone on notice that I approve of some form of resources tax only this government could stuff it up this badly.

Gillard's Crowning Achievements- Two Great Big Taxes!

Julia Gillard
Gillard Gets Latest Poll News
It is not surprising that the Labor government is 14 points behind in the polls when the major achievements they are trumpeting to the world are two new taxes to rip billions from hardworking Australians. The justification for these taxes are smoke and mirrors but the problem is that they set in line costs to the community that go on forever. Small businesses are to get so-called relief from their extra superannuation costs by paying less tax on their PROFITS! This means that any small business running close to the wind will be whacked by increased costs from the carbon tax and superannuation hikes but will get no relief as they do not pay any or much company tax-a double whammy!
Many of these hard pressed businesses will lay off staff or even close their doors because of these job-destroying taxes! It would be an interesting exercise to examine tax returns for small businesses to see how many would profit from a decrease in company tax as the company structure is often used for limited liability purposes and not for profit distribution which is done mostly by company wages.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wow! ClimateGate 2 -Impeccable Timing just before Durban !

It always seemed that there would be more emails and Climategate was not the end. Now as the Climategate storm broke and sank  Copenhagen  Climategate 2 will do for Durban. An anonymous poster has posted a huge number of emails on a site and posted to Jeff Id who broke the original story. Jeff has the story which I have posted in it's entirety. We don't know if it is authentic but after reading a number of the emails I would bet my left bollock it is!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

$287 Billion Carbon Waste in Europe and they wonder why they are broke!

The giant Swiss bank UBS has slammed the EU emissions trading scheme as a huge waste of 287 billion euros and having negligible impact on cutting emissions. The same EU turkeys running this boondoggle  are now taking over failed economies of Greece and Italy on the basis of supposed financial expertise.God help Europe! UBS also has bad news for Australia's carbon tax proponents saying that the EU market is on the verge of a crash next year and carbon price set locally at A$23 per tonne could go as low as 3 Euros a tonne in Europe making a farce of our carbon tax.
Meanwhile the Treasury is being very coy about the assumptions underpinning the carbon tax and is refusing to release the figures which has one wondering what they are hiding!

Cicero for President 2012!

The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn't want to go bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.

Cicero55 BC
Roman author, orator, & politician (106 BC - 43 BC)
 We have not learned much in 2 thousand years!

(H/T Trevor)

Gillard Approval up While Labor's vote Plummets!

The latest Newspoll has Gillard  on 40% as preferred PM compared to Abbot's 35%. At the same time Labor's primary vote has slipped to an abysmal 30% and the Coalition has a huge 14 point two-party preferred lead.
Perversely this a good result for Abbott who has never had a good personal rating because it is in his interest to keep Gillard , as she is unelectable as "Juliar". If her popularity was sinking Rudd would be the new leader unsullied by the "liar" tag and would be much tougher for Abbott. The longer Gillard is propped up in the electoral ring the better it will be for the Coalition.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Green Energy Scammers make 29% ROI!

With untold billions of dollars in subsidies and further billions ripped off electricity consumers what have we achieved in our goal of converting the world to alternative energy? Very little it would seem , as Willis Eschenbach explains that after all this huge investment only 2.7% of the world's energy comes from "green" sources and that small amount is the cause of large wads of your cash being scammed into smart investors pockets!

Make 29% On Your Money, Guaranteed!
Figure 1. World electricity production by fuel type. Renewables (defined by AGW activists as solar-, geothermal-, wind-, and biomass-generated electricity, but nothydroelectricity) are 2.7% of the total electricity use. Data from National Geographic 
You can see why the AGW supporters’ heads are exploding as the Durban climate party approaches. It is obvious from the chart that years and years of subsidies and tax breaks and IPCC reports and various urgings by well-meaning but clueless pundits and billions in wasted taxpayer dollars have not succeeded in getting renewables up to even 3% of the total electricity generated. Less than 3%. It must drive them round the twist to contemplate their stunning lack of success at making water flow uphill.
Despite that history, you know how they say on those TV commercials, “But wait! There’s even more!”? In this case, it’s “But wait! There’s even less!”
The reason that its even less is that Figure 1 just shows electricity. It doesn’t show total energy consumed, which is a much larger number. Total global energy consumption is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2. World energy consumption by source.  “Renewables” are solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass. Note that the traditional use of firewood for cooking is not included. Data from the BP Statistical Review 
So although renewables have (finally) gotten to 2.7% of the electricity production, they still only represent 1.3% of the global energy consumption. And this is with heaps of subsidies.
And I don’t mean just a bit of money to get them over the hump. Huge subsidies. Because of the total failure of renewables to penetrate the market, the AGW supporters are desperately throwing money at renewable technologies. The New York Timesshowed a graphic for one such power plant in California. Their graphic is reproduced below as Figure 3.
Figure 3. Federal and State Subsidies for the California Valley Solar Ranch.
Unfortunately, the Times didn’t really discuss the business implications of this chart, so let me remedy that omission.
First, how much money did the investors have to put in? Since the project will start earning money once the key is turned and the market is guaranteed, the investors only had to put up the total capital outlay of $1.6 billion. Less, of course, the generous government grant of nearly half a billion dollars. Total invested, therefore, is $1,170 million dollars.
On that money, the investors stand to make a net present value of $334 million dollars … which means that due to the screwing of the taxpayers and ratepayers, a few very wealthy investors are GUARANTEED A RETURN OF 29% ON THEIR INVESTMENT!!!
How is this fair in any sane universe? AGW supporters talk about the 1% having too much money, and here the same folks are shoveling the money into the one percenters’ pockets. The 1% weren’t rich enough already, so I have to foot the bill for them to get a GUARANTEED 29% RETURN on their investment?
Note also that a huge part of the money, some $462 million dollars, is coming from the California electricity ratepayers, including yours truly, through increased charges for electricity. This means that these solar scam artists are being allowed to sell their power at 50% ABOVE MARKET PRICES!!! Not just a little bit above market. Fifty percent above the market price! Where is the California Public Utilities Commission whose job is to protect the consumer? Oh, I see … the are the ones who agreed to the 50% above market rate hike … for shame.
Pardon my screaming, but this insanity angrifies my blood mightily. Ripping off both the consumer and the taxpayer to allow millionaires to make a guaranteed 29% return on a not-ready-for-market technology, and charging ratepayers 50% above market for the electricity? That is reprehensible and indefensible. In particular, the rate hikes hit the poor much harder than the wealthy, so we are billing the poor to line the pockets of the 1% … and all this in the name of enlightened carbon fears.
A few last numbers to consider. Without the layers and layers of subsidies, the investors would have had to put in $1.6 billion, and they would have suffered a loss of $1.1 billion dollars. The investors wouldn’t lose just a little, they’d lose their shirts, their pants and their ties … and seventy percent of the money they put in. That’s how far this technology is from being marketable. Not just a little ways short of profitability. A long, long, long ways from being marketable, more than a billion dollars short of making a profit.
Finally, the total subsidies for this plant were $1,430 million dollars. So this single “successful” green project will cost the consumer three times what Solyndra cost. And in return … we get energy priced at 50% above the market. Thanks, Energy Department, glad to know you have my back.
You can see why I’m screaming … the inmates have taken over the asylum. Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy, says we need more successful green projects in order to survive the depression … me, I fear we won’t survive Secretary Chu.
I know we won’t survive if we follow Chu’s brilliant plan for ‘successful green projects’ that do nothing but line the pockets of the 1% with billions in subsidies. That path is the poster child for the concept “unsustainable”, and Secretary Chu is the poster child for the brilliant idiot. He is undoubtedly a genius in his scientific field, but whoever unlocked his ivory tower and let him loose on the business world has some serious explaining to do.
Here is the problem with Energy Secretary Chu. His failures are bad enough. But his successes are lethal.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Draft IPCC Report Blow to Warmists

The Global warming hydra has many heads and as fast as one is lopped another appears in it's place. We have seen  Global Warming ,after warming ceased morph into the all encompassing Climate Change, and now, as that lost it's punch the new and more terrifying Climate Extremes rears it's head. Warmists, politicians and the rest of the AGW menagerie have decided to scare the knickers off all and sundry with the climate extremes scare.
The new draft IPCC report has , however, done a bit of lopping itself and has stated that the view that extreme events are caused by Climate Change is not supported by the evidence.
The interesting thing will be the final composition of the report after "editing " by the Mannian clones before publication as I guess the current conclusions ,however true ,will be  unacceptable to those manipulating this scam.

Nut-cases in Ivory Towers

Energy is, after food and water the most basic necessity of a modern society and is by it's very nature a vital strategic resource. This is why the continued promotion of Desertec by the sinister Club of Rome and various other European academic and bureaucratic bodies borders on the bizarre because it involves siting a major part of Europe's planned power generation in Africa. Aside from the fact that solar power at this level is unproven, the sites for this stupid grandiose scheme is bristling with AK47's wielded by anti-west tribesmen who would like nothing better than to blow up a solar generator or powerline or anything else the infidels have constructed on their turf. The engineering problems with operating the remaining undestroyed reflective solar focussing systems in areas of sand and dust-storms reliably would be insurmountable and incredibly expensive. The recent example of Russia turning off power to re-calcitrant neighbouring states is a lesson these ideologically-driven dodos seem not to have learnt. With the advent of coal seam gas the whole energy equation has changed and many countries now have enormous energy reserves under their feet to the chagrin of the hair-shirted greens trying to destroy our energy-based society and return us to living in ecologically sustainable caves! CSG undercuts even the feeble justification for this monumental waste of public funds.This project is promoted by the same bunch of whackos behind the waste of billions of dollars un-successfully trying to store a harmless,beneficial gas underground which even non-technical observers intuitively understood was not going to work!
Solar thermal power plants are indispensable to meet Europe’s energy demands and to reduce greenhouse gases emissions substantially, according to a new study by a European scientific commission.

The report by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) says solar thermal power plants can play a central role in moving the European power grid to renewable energy sources by 2040.

Such solar units "are able to provide energy at any time, to compensate for fluctuations in the supply of renewable energies…and help stabilise the power grid," Robert Pitz-Paal, director of the study published earlier this month, and co-director of the German Institute for Solar Research told IPS.

These virtues make "the value of the electricity generated go beyond just the kilowatt-hours they feed into the system," Pitz-Paal said.

Solar units use mirrors to concentrate sunlight and convert it into thermal energy. This process achieves temperatures of 400 to 1200 degrees Celsius, which can be used to generate power in the same way as a conventional steam-operated power station.

The technique has been in use since the 1980s, but experts say it only reached maturity during the last decade. Solar units are in operation on a significant scale in western U.S. and in Spain.

A giant plan to install solar units in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region called the Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII) was announced in the summer of 2009. The solar units under this would feed North African energy demands, and also deliver electricity to the European Union (EU).

The plan was drawn up following studies by the Club of Rome, an independent development group, and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), a state-owned research institute and part of the EASAC. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gillard's Carbon tax praised by Obama who says the US will not do anything as silly!

With shades of Yes Minister Obama has praised Gillard's carbon tax as "bold" but said that the US was not going to go down that path. As the "future" global carbon trading market is a central plank of the Gillard carbon tax strategy stupidity the Labor government is now in deep dodo explaining   to voters that none of the major emitters is joining it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Two Faces of Julia.

Australia's Janus

While demonising the use of nuclear power in Australia Julia Gillard is now pushing for the sale of Australian uranium to India . Yesterday she would not sell uranium to India because India had not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty but today that does not seem to matter. The uranium scenario is similar to Labor's coal policy in that the use of coal is taxed and penalised in this country while exports are encouraged. And the  Labor party is surprised that they have a credibility gap.

Monday, November 14, 2011

US/Asia get great aspirations , Australia gets a great big tax!

Gillard and Emerson Smile after Apec leaders make fools of them!
Gillard comes away from the APEC empty-handed on climate change with the leaders agreeing with vague motherhood aspirations for carbon reductions and a minute 5% reduction on "environmental goods" such as bird-mincers and other similarly valuable green-approved products. Basically the US/Asian leaders are cleverly going to do nothing on carbon but are happy to let Gillard skewer the Aussie economy with her great big tax!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carbon Tax set in stone as world shifts!

With the Climate Change minister Greg Combet using economic basket cases such as Europe and California as fine examples of carbon pricing in action it is not surprising that concerns are being aired about the inflexible Australian tax now legislated. Paul Kelly has more:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Carbon Tax to be shown on Electricity Bills!

NSW is legislating to show the carbon tax and other "green" renewable imposts on electricity bills . Barry OFarrell  said that the Carbon tax will add up to $500 per annum to power bills and people should be reminded of this when they have to pay up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eight Years of Carbon Tax and target reduction killed in 6 days by China!

Bob Brown, Julia Gillard
PM Bob Brown shows off his talking robot which has a limited vocabulary of "clean energy future" and "putting a price on carbon" which it will repeat ad nauseam!
The first victim of the carbon tax is a one billion dollar chemical plant now bound for carbon-friendly China and the job exporting is just beginning. The 2020 5% reduction target of this economy-destroying tax is 12 million tons which is the amount Chinese emissions increase every 6 days! What are these people thinking? Terry McCrann has the story:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Krugman really doesn't get it!

I cannot understand why Paul Krugman is held in such high esteem as an economist when he does not understand the simple fact  that solar is not economic because it only supplies power when the sun is shining, not when the customer needs it. Maybe that is not in Krugman's Economics 101 but it is definitely in Common Sense 101. In simple terms he may understand , when everyone supplies potatoes at the same moment to the market the product is not worth much - this Dr Krugman,  is called a glut- maybe you have heard of the term.  At midday on a sunny day, solar panels provide a glut of power for a short while and then nothing.  Unfortunately like potatoes people require power all year round and solar is basically useless in that context. Dropping solar panel prices does not change the equation and no one would buy solar power unless they were forced to because the idea is fundamentally stupid. The only thing that would change the scene is suitable battery storage to enable solar power to be stored and make it a marketable quantity. Krugman also goes on a rant against fracking showing the terror that this cheap new power source is engendering among environmentalists. He is very concerned about indirect costs of coal but neglects to calculate the huge cost of solar power subsidies and feed-in tariffs. He also thinks that Solyandra"s failure was caused by technological success - not because it was a silly idea to start with which could be very simply tested with a model and proper costing. What he calls "technological success" , normal mortals without the advantage of a PhD , would call "bad management" and "inability to compete with the Chinese in manufacturing."

 Fracking is not a dream come true; solar is now cost-effective. Here comes the sun, if we’re willing to let it in.
Cost-effective solar ? Krugman must be living on another planet!

Govt Inquiry into why Newscorp is bagging the Worst Government in Living Memory

An inquiry set up by a left-wing Government with a non-media academic Chairman who has invited every leftist journalist in the country to give evidence , is to deliver an independent report on newspaper bias to the Government. The inquiry along with the carbon tax is the brainchild of the alternative PM Bob Brown

Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers are biased against the Gillard Government and would attack the Prime Minister at any opportunity, a major inquiry into the nation's media has heard.
Dr Martin Hirst, associate professor at Deakin University’s School of Communication, told the independent inquiry he was "blown away’’ by newspaper coverage of federal politics, particularly in News Ltd’s broadsheet, The Australian.

He told the inquiry’s first public hearing in Melbourne today that he agreed with those who said News Ltd held an anti-Labor bias.
"Every (News Ltd) story about federal politics is slanting in a way that’s against (the government),’’ he said.

"If they can find a way of attacking (Prime Minister) Julia Gillard ... they will do so.’’

Dr Hirst also argued the mainstream media in Australia lacked a diversity of views, and opinion writers were predominantly held centre-Right views.
Dr Hirst obviously does not have a radio or TV to listen to the stream of left-slanted biased propaganda  we get from the billion dollar taxpayer funded ABC! When this inquiry recommends an equal number of right wing journos for the ABC it will be doing a useful service for the community . 
When the "social responsibility" of the media is dictated to by the Government of the day bad things can happen when only "approved" stories are broadcast.


Where are All the Other Lemmings?

As Australia alone prepares to legislate a punishing carbon tax to damage our economy all the pre-Copenhagen lemmings have disappeared and we are the only ones taking the final suicidal leap thanks to Gillard and the trogdolytes of the Labor party. James Corbett has more in a good article:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mining Resource Tax is a Good Idea!

I will have to wash my mouth with soap after agreeing in principle with something Gillard's government is proposing but a resource tax is something Australia should be doing in some form. With huge mining projects currently generating huge dollars Australia should be benefitting more from the mining boom and use the proceeds to save for the future when the boom slows. My support for such a tax is qualified in that any money raised should be used to retire government debt and on major infrastructure projects and to make Australia more immune to global financial shocks. Of course, saving for a rainy day and building for the future are alien concepts to Labor's borrowing mentality and any money raised will disappear without trace in foolish schemes and grandstanding left-supported projects guaranteed to waste taxpayer resources. To use the money wisely we would have to have an adult government and currently we do not have that luxury.

Surprise ! Surprise! UN Report says CO2 Will Boost Disasters!

From Richard Muller's new analysis : the top graph shows what the warmists want you to look at and the bottom graph shows what is happening now!
The IPCC/Greenpeace/WWF wackadoodle  group of scientists/bureaucrats/ activist environuts is reviewing a UN report on the global warming scam to check if there are any mistakes  which is like checking Alice in Wonderland for factual errors.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is Tony Abbott already the Prime Minister? Julia thinks so!

Poor old Julia Gillard seems to be having an identity crisis and has been questioning Tony Abbott about things the government has not done as if he were already the PM. He has been blamed for the Government policy failure on asylum seekers and now when Qantas grounded the fleet after advising her department she wants to know when Abbott knew about it as if it were his responsibility. She inappropiately phoned a 14 year old boy in jail in Indonesia in a one-upmanship battle with Kevin Rudd but could not be bothered phoning Qantas to avoid the devastating shut-down!