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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eight Years of Carbon Tax and target reduction killed in 6 days by China!

Bob Brown, Julia Gillard
PM Bob Brown shows off his talking robot which has a limited vocabulary of "clean energy future" and "putting a price on carbon" which it will repeat ad nauseam!
The first victim of the carbon tax is a one billion dollar chemical plant now bound for carbon-friendly China and the job exporting is just beginning. The 2020 5% reduction target of this economy-destroying tax is 12 million tons which is the amount Chinese emissions increase every 6 days! What are these people thinking? Terry McCrann has the story:
THE $1 billion chemical plant, $10 billion-plus of future exports, and 150-plus high-skilled jobs that will be killed by Julia Gillard and Bob Brown's carbon tax are just its first victims.
There will be many, many more -- as the plants and jobs go off to China, our direct competitor Canada which has walked away from a carbon tax, and anywhere but Australia.
But those obvious losses will be only a small part of the pointless cost of the tax. We will all be victims, every single Australian, as we will all suffer from Gillard and Brown's shared determination to take us back to the 19th century.
Well actually, that's Brown's determination. He makes no secret of his desire to turn off the 20th century lights, figuratively speaking.
Gillard, I'm not so sure understands the consequences of her actions, as she monotonously recites her talking point lies about "carbon pollution, tackling climate change, clean energy future," and so on, like a robotic apparatchik.
And we of course are not intending to cut our emissions anywhere close to zero, or even significantly.
At least we can be grateful that Gillard drew the line at the 19th century, declining to take us all the way back to a pre-1788 future.
We are aimed at cutting our emissions by just 5 per cent by 2020. As against China increasing its emissions by at least 1000 per cent of our total by 2020.
Further we don't actually intend to cut by even that 5 per cent. Treasury projects that we will be buying a big slice of our emission cuts from overseas.
We will be paying billions to foreigners -- hopefully not Nigerians -- for a bit of paper which will authorise us to keep our lights on.
Back will come the parroting rubbish that China is promising to cut its emissions intensity and making vast investments in wind and solar.
Apart from the fact that 'promising' is something less than actually 'doing,' even if achieved, lower CO2 intensity would still mean China pumping vastly more CO2 than it does now.
That's because they don't want to go back even just to the 20th century.
Also, most of that vast investment in wind and solar is to build highly polluting factories -- that's pollution in the real sense of the word -- to produce and sell useless non-energy generating feel-good stuff to gullible westerners.
Actual Chinese production of wind and solar energy will add up to four-fifths of seven-eighths of very little in its own huge energy scheme of things. Again, even taking a 'promise' as 'done.'

All so, utterly, utterly pointless.
As I've written before, you could close Australia down completely, presumably shipping most of us to some foreign 'home,' reducing our carbon dioxide emissions all the way to zero, and it would make not the slightest difference to the world's climate future.
Right now we emit around 600 million tonnes of CO2 a year. Have a guess how much China increased its emissions in 2010?
Just under 700 million tonnes. And almost certainly the same again this year. And it'll be the same next year.
Just let that sink in. In just one year, China increased its CO2 emissions by more than our ENTIRE EMISSIONS.

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  1. I've encountered a couple of bits of wisdom on the net recently, both of which are applicable to Prime Minister Brown and his assistant Juliar and others who have similar incredibly blinkered thinking:

    Perspective is called "cluelessness" by those who don't have it.

    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. (Euripides)