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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gillard's Carbon tax praised by Obama who says the US will not do anything as silly!

With shades of Yes Minister Obama has praised Gillard's carbon tax as "bold" but said that the US was not going to go down that path. As the "future" global carbon trading market is a central plank of the Gillard carbon tax strategy stupidity the Labor government is now in deep dodo explaining   to voters that none of the major emitters is joining it!

PRESIDENT Barack Obama has lauded Julia Gillard's "bold" move to tackle climate change but declined to commit to introducing a carbon price the United States in the foreseeable future.
The President instead talked up the United States' investment in energy efficiency, research and improved fuel efficiency standards for cars.
Mr Obama said reducing carbon emissions would be a "tough slog", highlighting the need for countries such as China and India to reduce their carbon footprint, alongside the United States and other advanced economies.
While he praised Ms Gillard's resolve and endorsed the science underpinning climate change, he said each country was deciding the best to tackle climate change most effectively.
"Here in Australia, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, you've moved forward with a bold strategy," he said.


  1. As Sir Humphry Appleby might have said, "....and a most courageous strategy you've embarked upon, Prime Minister!".

  2. Well of course he approved...its a tax isnt it.

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