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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Govt Inquiry into why Newscorp is bagging the Worst Government in Living Memory

An inquiry set up by a left-wing Government with a non-media academic Chairman who has invited every leftist journalist in the country to give evidence , is to deliver an independent report on newspaper bias to the Government. The inquiry along with the carbon tax is the brainchild of the alternative PM Bob Brown

Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers are biased against the Gillard Government and would attack the Prime Minister at any opportunity, a major inquiry into the nation's media has heard.
Dr Martin Hirst, associate professor at Deakin University’s School of Communication, told the independent inquiry he was "blown away’’ by newspaper coverage of federal politics, particularly in News Ltd’s broadsheet, The Australian.

He told the inquiry’s first public hearing in Melbourne today that he agreed with those who said News Ltd held an anti-Labor bias.
"Every (News Ltd) story about federal politics is slanting in a way that’s against (the government),’’ he said.

"If they can find a way of attacking (Prime Minister) Julia Gillard ... they will do so.’’

Dr Hirst also argued the mainstream media in Australia lacked a diversity of views, and opinion writers were predominantly held centre-Right views.
Dr Hirst obviously does not have a radio or TV to listen to the stream of left-slanted biased propaganda  we get from the billion dollar taxpayer funded ABC! When this inquiry recommends an equal number of right wing journos for the ABC it will be doing a useful service for the community . 
When the "social responsibility" of the media is dictated to by the Government of the day bad things can happen when only "approved" stories are broadcast.



  1. First they were trying to blame a strong anti-female bias in the community for Juliar's unpopularity. That doesn't seem to have got much traction so now they're blaming the media. I wonder what they'll blame next week? It certainly won't be the simple fact that the Aussie public's had a gutful of being patronised and lied to and can't wait to stop seeing and hearing Juliar and PM Brown on their TVs.

  2. I have a television and a sub to the Australian, it's not rocket science to know that the neo-cons and libertarian nonces have the major say in murdochland.