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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is Tony Abbott already the Prime Minister? Julia thinks so!

Poor old Julia Gillard seems to be having an identity crisis and has been questioning Tony Abbott about things the government has not done as if he were already the PM. He has been blamed for the Government policy failure on asylum seekers and now when Qantas grounded the fleet after advising her department she wants to know when Abbott knew about it as if it were his responsibility. She inappropiately phoned a 14 year old boy in jail in Indonesia in a one-upmanship battle with Kevin Rudd but could not be bothered phoning Qantas to avoid the devastating shut-down!

LABOR has seized on Tony Abbott's failure to clearly explain when he learned of Qantas's plan to ground its aircraft, suggesting he may have been forewarned by the airline's management.
The Opposition Leader, who has failed to rebuke Qantas while attacking ''militant'' unions, said his office was officially informed the airline would lock out its workers at about 4.15pm on Saturday.
But he sidestepped direct questions on whether he received advance warning of the impending action.
''My office was in regular contact with Qantas,'' he said.
''Qantas as anyone in Parliament House would know have basically been patrolling the corridors of Parliament House for weeks now alerting people to the seriousness of the dispute.''
Mr Abbott abruptly ended the press conference, but his office later said he had first learned of the lockout after his office was informed on Saturday.


  1. I wonder if there are others besides me, who hit the Mute button on the TV remote every time Juliar's face appears on the screen? I'm not interested in anything she says in that appalling nasal drawl; I just want her gone from government.

  2. Me too Fred and I suspect there are many thousands, if not millions like us.

  3. Thanks Teejay! :)

  4. And me. I don't hit the mute, I turn the damned thing off. Roll on an election